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   Chapter 75 The Apologies

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 9580

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Yun tried calling Rim's number But it was switched off and she had tried calling her mom's number but it's of no use and she decided to meet her at her home in the next morning before going to her college! She couldn't sleep because of the man who came to meet her in the library for warning her! Even though He was very handsome, rich and calm, his attitude angered her! She didn't want to obey his orders and especially when it was about her self respect!

Bee Li has contacted Rim's parents and they were ready to withdraw the complaint and they were ready to accept all the terms and conditions given by Bee! He should be happy to solve the issue without getting his friend into any trouble but he was not happy at all. Yun's face was haunting him like anything!! He liked her at first sight and it was the first time he is falling in love with him! but he could not ask her out because of his friends! He wanted to know more about the girl and he asked Maison to get him all the details of her!

In the next morning, Yun woke up early and she skipped her breakfast in order to meet her friend Rim before commencing her class! She reached Rim's home but she found the house locked and she sensed something fishy! She went directly to her college but she couldn't find Rim there also and her phone remained switched off! Yun was really worried about Rim and she went directly to the Dean's room to inquire about Rim!

" May I come in?"

" Yes of course! Oh, it's you, my brave girl! Get inside and take your seat!"

" Thank you, Sir, Did you find Rim? Her house is locked and she has not reached the college! Have you heard about anything related to her because I don't have any other friends to inquire!"

" Oh my God! You didn't know anything!"

" What happened, Sir? Is she ok I mean did they hurt her?"

" No no! Don't get panicked! She is perfectly fine! Actually, Rim has withdrawn the complaint and she has got transferred to another university! Sorry because of the security reasons I can't disclose the details of her university to you!"

" What? How can it happen, sir? How do you people issue her the transfer certificate? It has some formalities and how can you complete it in such a short time?"

" We can madam! I have warned you people about the power of their family! It's not a big deal for them! They can do anything they want! "

" But she didn't tell me anything and I lost my best friend!"

" You should be happy Yun! She has transferred to a good college with sponsorship and her parents also got a nice job there along with a house! They were very happy and Rim wanted me to give you this letter! "

Yun got the letter from him and she read it after bidding bye to him!

" Yun! I am extremely sorry for not telling you anything because I was helpless! My parents already came to know about the issue of Wu Cha's parents!

spare you that time! Go on Zhen! What do you want to tell me?"

" See Yun! It was a mistake! I fucked her because of you! Yesterday you danced with that guy and you had let him touch you too! I was sitting there a fool, watching my wife dancing with another man! It infuriated me and I had lots and lots of drinks! I was not in my true sense and I just got inside the room with Jessica and I just fucked her to take revenge on you! Its the story and I am sorry for hitting you! I felt insecure and I ended up fucking her! Just forget it and let's get married!"

" Zhen? Have you lost it? You just fucked an innocent girl and you are asking me to ignore it! Sorry, Zhen! I can't let that happen to her! You took your revenge on me and you had fucked her too! So there is no point in continuing this weak relationship which is susceptible to break over such minor issues! Sorry!

" What? Do you really think that apology can rectify your mistake? You have destroyed her life too! I can't forgive you!"

" What? Hey, I know that you are not innocent! Don't try to act as a nice and sober girl before me!"

" You had enjoyed with that stupid man yesterday here in my room and you are lecturing me about having moral values? Don't think that I am a fool who is going to believe you blindly!"

" Zhen! I didn't fuck him! He was my college mate and your sister wanted me to accept his offer to dance because she liked him and she wanted to spend some time with him! I was actually helping her! By the way, why should I explain to you? You can take it anyway! I don't care!"

Yun started to leave the room but she was pulled back and Zhen hit her face brutally!

" How many times do I need to tell you that don't turn your back at me when I have not finished with you?"

Yun was startled and she could feel the taste of blood inside her mouth! She wiped her face and stared at him with a shocked face!

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