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   Chapter 74 Flashback

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Yun covered the girl using the overcoat and made her sit in the ladies waiting room. She opened the bathroom door and she was about to take Rim with her but The man got up from the floor and barged towards Yun to beat her to death. Yun stopped him by hitting his jaws with her fist! He screamed in pain and she kicked his groin with her whole power. Wu Cha fell on the floor unconsciously with a loud thud!

Yun asked Rim to follow her and they directly went to the Dean's office for lodging the complaint against Wu Cha. The whole fight occurred before the bathroom and the students recorded the fighting using their mobiles and some of them posted in their school's We chat group! The news spread like fire and everyone started to see it within seconds! Yun took Rim to the Dean's office and she explained to him everything that happened before!

The Dean was surprised to get the complaint against the notorious gang because it was the first time he is getting such a complaint from the normal students with adequate proof! Usually, the gang members will frighten the students so badly that they won't have the courage to file the complaint against them! But this time had clearly He asked them to write down the difficulties they had faced from him and Yun wrote the complaint. They signed the complaint and handed over the same to the Dean!

The Dean was cool and nice, he was ready to take her complaint but he wanted to inform them of the danger!

" Did you want me to take action against this complaint? Because Wu Cha belonged to a rich and powerful family! His family will do anything to protect him! They won't let you live in peace by going against their kid! So if you want me to proceed it you should be very careful! They will go to any extreme to keep their reputation good! Frankly speaking, The college management can't support you and please don't misunderstand us! We are helpless but I will forward the complaint about sure!"

" I can understand you sit! But we are not going to withdraw the complaint and please try to give him the worst punishment!"

" Yun! I don't think that I need to punish him because you had already beaten him to death! And he has not yet discharged from the hospital! He won't think about molesting a girl in future! You are a brave girl and I am really proud of you! Girls like you are needed in our society to make these spoiled brats realise the power of womanhood!!"

" Thank you, sir! I think we should leave now! Thank you so much for your help! it's our pleasure to meet you!"

" Same is here! Bye, and be careful!"

" Yes, sir!"

They left his office and since Rim was not feeling comfortable, Yun decided to drop her at her house! Rim decided to sta

a made her angry and she spat out at him!

" Who the hell are you? Are you his friend?"

" Yes, he is my friend!"

" Ok! So you want me to withdraw the complaint against hi? Sorry! But I can't! I have nothing to discuss! So I am leaving bye!"

" Stop there! How dare you turn your back at me while I am talking to you?"

" See! You are not here to check how daring am I? Right? So please cut the crap and tell what do you want to tell?"

" Ok, withdraw your complaint! Otherwise, your friend is going to get punished soon!"

" What the fuck? I don't care about it and you can do whatever you want!!"

" Are you sure?"

" Yes, I won't withdraw it!"

" So you are not going to see your friend from now on! Mark my words!"

" Ok! I don't care about it! "

Yun took her things from the table and left the place. She forgot to take her diary with her in which she used to write her daily activities. Bee found her diary on the table and he took it and hid it inside his shirt! Yun was surprised to see no one around her, the whole library was vacated! She knew that it was done by the man and she almost rushed towards the door. She found it locked!

She turned back and saw him approaching her.

" Why did you lock the door?"

" Are you going to withdraw it or not!"

" No! I won't! You can't make me do that even if you keep as a hostage here! I don't care!"

Bee was interrupted to continue the conversation because of Taison's message!

" Dude the Dean is coming with the Principal to check the innovation works on the second floor! So just leave! "

Bee opened the door and before leaving he told her

" Mark my words! You are not going to see her if you won't withdraw the complaint today!"

Yun didn't respond to him and she just exited the library towards her hostel!

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