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   Chapter 73 Revenge

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 9617

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The music got stopped by the DJ and Yun removed his hands from her and she left him on the stage.

" Hey! I would like to know about the girl for whom you had accepted my hands for dancing! Can you give me her number? I think I can spend some time with her!"

"Are you trying to fool me, Bee?"

" No, I am damn serious and please give me her details and let me meet her! I just want to know that she is my type or not! I need someone to love me too!"

" Really??? Are you sure? Oh My God! Biyu must be very happy to hear the news! Sorry, Her name is Biyu Wang and she is a nice and naive girl, you will definitely like her! And I am damn sure that you people are going to be the coolest couple! "

" How did you know my taste? Did you remember our college days and how did I end up loving you? "

" But it was our past Bee! Don't waste your time thinking about it! Shall I introduce her to you? "

" Why not? I will come with you!"

" Thank you so much! She must be very happy to see you! "

Yun was smiling at herself thinking about the happiness of Biyu! And she didn't notice that Bee was observing her every movement with his usual smirk!

Bee was happy to see the smiling face of Yun! He didn't know that he can make her happy by satisfying her simple wish! That was why he loved her so much! She never loved anyone because of any monetary benefits! She chooses her friends according to their character and views! She never liked the rich kids who used to bully the weak ones! She always fights against them and she has started to dislike the rich guys because of her previous experience

" All these years you have not changed a little bit and I liked the way you are! How can you smile wholeheartedly for making someone happy? You are unique!"

" It's not a big deal Bee, I love to see her haoy because she is my sister⛷⛷⛷the way She is actually waiting anxiously for you! Please come with me!

" Ok! Let's leave!"

Bee was thinking about their past and it brought a slight smile on his face!

When they were about to leave the hall through the front door, securities didn't let them pass through the door because Bee's fans had assembled before the entrance along with the media and all of them wanted to know about the gorgeous dance partner of Bee. Yun didn't know that dancing with him will being such difficulties in her life! She was just trying to keep her sister happy. She was asked to exit through the backdoor along with Bee and Bee comforted her since he knew that Yun waspanicked to see the crowd and media before the front door.

" Can I escort you till your room? Otherwise, my fans and the paparazzi are going to attack you with numerous questions and I don't want you to get involved in unnecessary gossips! So just come with me! "

Yun followed him till her room because she knew that arguing with him will bring anything but

Rim Li inside the ladies toilet and Yun came on time to help her. Since she has got the training in boxing and king fu. She was able to easily surrender him to her and the fight took place before the huge crowd. most of them recorded the fighting videos in their mobile and posted them in their We chat group! Yun's profile became the most liked one and she got millions of followers too! But she didn't show any interest in them. The incident happened when Bee was on a small vacation with his family!

The college management was going to expel Wu Cha from the college and his father asked Bee to help him. Bee took the next flight to his college and he saw the videos and he was amazed to see the fighting skills of her and he was really impressed! Bee was the super hot and handsome guy in the campus! Everyone wanted to be like him and girls were all after him! They were ready to compromise anything to spend a day with him! Bee was a year senior to Yun and she was a fresher in the college. She has no idea about the gangs since she was from China! normally the other students were not at all ready to mingle with her and she found Rim Li who was also from China and they became the best friends!

On that day she was in the search of Rim and she could not find her anywhere! Hence she asked their common friends about her and they told them that they saw her going towards the toilet.Yun reached before the toilet in the search of Rim and she heard the screams from the toilet! She was confused to see such a crowd before the bathroom! she excused them and got inside the bathroom neglecting the warnings of her classmates. She found Rim Li screaming under a tall man and she was pleading him to stop undressing her. The man was actually kissing her and undressing her. Yun didn't think twice she just kicked the man from his behind and he fell on the ground with pain. He was amused to see Yun before him!.

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