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   Chapter 72 Why Don't You Like Me

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 9213

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Zhen couldn't believe his eyes! He stared them without blinking his eyes. He had never seen her dressed up like that! She was wearing a Cinderella dress which hugged her body perfectly! She is drop-dead gorgeous and his heart skipped a beat! He didn't know that she was going to attend the party! He deliberately kept the invitation as a secret because he knew that Jessica has also got the invitation and she would definitely attend the party! If he brought Yun in the party and she happened to see Jessica there, she could not take hold of herself and there is a cent per cent chance of occurrence of a fight! He didn't want the paparazzi to get a new gossip of him. So he didn't tell her anything!

But seeing his wife with another man has made him so mad that he broke the wine glass! Zhen just lost his coolness and he wanted to take her away from that stupid guy and punish her for flirting with him! Zhen didn't like his wife to wear short and revealing dresses but Yun has challenged his ego by wearing a backless dress! Her skin was exposed to everyone and Zhen found the guys looking her with lustful eyes! He wanted to pull out the eyes of every man who were ogling her! He got up at once from his chair to get his wife back from the stage but Jessica blocked him! She knew that it was the perfect chance to inject poison in his mind against Yun! She caught his hand and begged

" Zhen, please! Stay back! It's not a big deal! She is only dancing with him! She must be overjoyed to get the golden opportunity to dance with him! You should not disturb them! Everyone is watching them and if you create any issue there, it will damage your reputation and the paparazzi are going to write some cooked up stories! So control yourself!"

" I can't! I need to teach her the lesson of messing up with me! I can't let her have that audacity! It's better for you to stay away from the mess! Let me deal it the way I wanted!"

" of course! Just go on! Go and fight with him so that everyone will get a chance to watch you people fight for a girl! Do you really think it's going to work? And did you think she is going to obey you? It's her personal life and she is the master of her life!! She can decide the man to whom she wanted to spend her remaining life! You have no right to force her! So don't mess with her!"

" I can't watch her with him! She is all mine and I won't let another man touch her! She is my happiness and my soul! I don't want to share her with anyone! She belongs only to me!"

" But just wait!! Zhen! The dance is going to end soon?

" Hmmm! Let her finish the dance! No one will get such a dance and I envied to her for getting such a handsome man as her pair! And please for God sake, you should wait for her patient!"

Biyu tried to search for her brother and she found him having drinks from the bar. Biyu went there to stop him from drinking but he just pushed her away and started to have more drinks!

" Brother! Just stop it! You are heavily drunk and stop having more! You will lose your consciousness! Please stop it now!"

" what the fuck? Why are you here Biyu? Why did you bring Yun with you? She is flirting with that guy and you are watching it! Just leave me alone! I need some time alone!GO !"

Biyu knew that she could not convince her brother so she left him and went back to her seat. The allotted time for the dance was going to finish. Bee knew that he won't get a second chance so he hugged her and kissed her forehead! Biyu pushed him slightly since she was very uncomfortable with him

" what are you doing? Just leave me! I don't like you and I have already told you the same! I did it for my sister! She is in love with you and she wanted you to spend time with her! She asked me to receive your offer and I did it according to her wish! Can you please stay away from me and give that beautiful girl some time of yours! She has gone crazy for you! "

" every girl is crazy for me but not you! Why don't you love me, Yun? I knew that I am not worthy enough to have you but at least you should try me! you always denied me! Do you know how much it hurts to see you happy with another man? I always wished to be your man but you chose Zhen over me! Why did you do that? I am damn sure that no one can love you like me but you didn't care about it anymore! "

" Stop it, Bee! You are a good friend of mine and I don't feel like loving you and marrying you! Zhen is my everything and I can't live without him! I love him so much that I didn't need any other man to please me! He is the perfect man for me and I liked him too!"

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