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   Chapter 71 Will You Be My Partner

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 9308

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Yun also started to search her husband and she found him with Jessica who was seated beside him in the bar. Yun was heartbroken to see them together. she had expected that Zhen would be waiting for her but she was wrong about him! when Biyu told her that her dress was bought by Zhen since he wanted her to attend the party, she had a hope! But watching Zhen spending time with Jessica was an eye-opener! He was actually enjoying with Jessica and he was annoyed with her! She couldn't understand his feelings for her and she was really confused to take a proper decision on their marriage! Yun did her usual breathing exercise and she just ignored them!!

Yun asked Biyu to go with her and they entered the hall and everyone stopped talking upon seeing them! Yun found it weird and she moved towards the bar and every one of them was staring at her enviously! She ignored the burning glances from the men and she pulled Biyu towards her and they seated away from Zhen! She ordered two orange juices for them!

Biyu saw her brother sitting with Jessica and she was very angry at him for leaving his wife and spending time with her enemy! She was irritated to see them together and she asked Yun about it!

" Sis, why is he sitting with Jessica? I mean he should be with you! It's your first honeymoon and what the hell is she doing here? Who invited her here? I just hate that bitch! Oh my God! Did you see that?"

" what?"

" Just look at her she is keeping her hands on his chest and her head is on his shoulder! What is happening here? His wife is sitting here and he is spending time with that slut! Let me go there and show her real place! She is like a parasite!"

" No Biyu! Just stay here! Your brother is with her because of his promise and he didn't like to get disturbed! Just ignore them! I am hurt to see them together but I am helpless! I have also asked your brother to stay away from her but he denied me! So just drop that subject and ignore them!"

" what? Oh my God! She is trying to create problems in your life! "

" I know it Biyu! I have tried to explain to him but he was not ready to leave her and it's better to drop the subject! Why do we need to waste time on such an adamant man? By the way, you were very curious to watch the inauguration ceremony! Wha's so special about it?"

" You didn't know it! The supermodel B is here and the inauguration is going to start with his dance! I and my friends are all crazy for him and it is the first time I am getting the chance to meet him for real! Mom is also trying to get his dates for her boutique show! But he always denied her! He is so handsome and also a good person! I like him a lot! I wish I got a chance to dance with him! Today he is going to choose a girl among us as his dance partner and

e will come to the girl and please cooperate!

B started to walk and he got down from the stage! He began to walk towards the girl and all the girls were pleading him to select them! He passed the front and second rows and finally, he reached towards Biyu and everyone waited anxiously. He walked close to them and he finally bent down before Yun.

" Will you be my partner?"

Yun lifted her head and she saw Bee Li before her and Biyu was so happy that she requested Yun to dance with him! Yun denied him even though she was partially drugged. But Biyu moved close to her and told her to take his offer so that she will get a chance to know him! Yun denied her request but Biyu pleaded her and finally, she agreed to Biyu! She has given her hand to him and Bee took it in his arms after kissing it gently!

Everyone was watching the alluring beauty with B because the spotlight was shifted on them. Jessica expected him to approach her and ask her hands for dance but she was wronged again by the same menace in her life. Jessica threw the glass on the floor furiously!

" What happened? Why did you throw that on the floor?"

" it's nothing! I am so frustrated! Why did your wife try to snatch everything from me? I just hate her!"

" what are you saying, Jessica? I told you to stop criticising her! I think it's better to leave! You want me to spend some time with you and I have given my 45 minutes to you! Now I should leave! Yun must be waiting for me in the room! "

" I don't think so, Zhen!"

" What do you mean?"

" See it yourself! She is the girl who accepted the offer of B and they are going to dance together on the stage! She is so lucky to get the chance!"

" what are you bluffing?"

" watch them on the stage! Just look !"

Zhen shifted his chair and he saw his wife with that guy! He could not believe his eyes!

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