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   Chapter 70 Their First Fight

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Chang Du Characters: 9358

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" I had promised her grandpa that I will take care of her for supporting me during the tough times! And I can't break the promise! He was actually wanted me to marry her but I denied him! If I was in love with her I could marry her easily! But I never loved her and And I really don't know why do you make such a mess out of it? "

" Zhen! I have seen you both inside the room and she was wearing only a bathrobe! And you were also shocked to see us! I don't know why but I really don't like her around you! You are mine and she is trying as if you are her husband and I don't like to share you with her!! You knew that I hate her and still you went with her! But why did you invite her here? And did you book the room for her?"

" Oh my God! Listen to me! I didn't invite anyone here! She came here to enjoy her vacation and I found her in the hotel lobby and she just hugged me! She was coming to meet you in our room but her legs got twisted and she was in pain, so I just helped her to get inside her room and applied some medicine on her legs! Then She just got freshened up and asked me to massage her legs! I was only helping her! "

" Oh! Then why did you give her my pendant? Biyu told me that you bought it for me! "

" Oh, She saw the present and she wanted it! she literally begged me to give her it! So I just gave it to her! It's not a big deal! It's just a pendant and you don't have any interest in jewellery so I thought of giving it to her!"

" Zhen! If you already knew that I don't like jewellery, then why did you bother to buy that for me? Do you know how much you hurt me? Jessica was trying to win your heart and everyone knows it too! But you are ignoring the truth!"

" I am sorry! Please just ignore it! We came here to get my parents blessings for our wedding and why should we have a discussion on such irrelevant things? "

Yun didn't say anything to him, she just stared at him with a sad face!

Zhen could clearly see the hurt in her eyes and he knew that she was crying! He wanted to hug her and he walked towards her!

" Zhen! I just wanted to figure out things between us!"

" like what? "

" it's about our marriage and your promise with Jessica! I want you.."

" just a minute! Jessica is calling me!"

He cut her off without listening to Her and took the call ignoring Yun!

" Hey, baby doll! Why did you call me? How do you feel now? Do you want me to call a doctor for you?"

" No!! Zhen! Please come over here! I really miss you and I just want to spend some quality time with you! I am all alone here and it hurts especially my heartaches! Can you please come over here? "

" ok let me see what can I do about it?"

" You have to come! Please, Zhen!"

" Ok! Don't start to cry now! I will come there!"

Zhen hung up the call a

r at her face! Yun sat down there itself and she held her knees with her arms! She cried her heart out thinking about them!

" He is going to leave me! He will dump me! I am not his type! He was right we are not compatible with each  and we should stop this stupid drama once and for all!

Yun came back to her senses when she heard the knock-on the door. Yun wiped her face and opened the door! She was startled to see Biyu before her room with a shopping bag! Biyu got inside the room and she sat on their bed!

" what were you doing inside? Are you crying? Oh my, God, did he hit you? "

" No! I missed my granny! She was the only family I had and I really missed her!"

" oh! Hey, we are all with you and please don't think that you are all alone! "

" Hmmm! Thanks, Biyu!"

" But what are you doing here? Oops! Didn't he tell you? I know these men are so disgusting! Well, we need to attend a party hosted by one of our family friends and I want you to come with us!"

" No! Biyu! I don't feel like attending the party! You should go with Zhen and enjoy!"

" No! Bro want me to take you there and he had even brought this dress for you!"

" What? But he didn't tell me anything about it?"

" he might have forgotten it! But please get ready soon! We should not miss the opening! "

" Oh! Ok! Just give me some time! "

" done!"

Yun took a quick bath and wore the dress given by Biyu! Biyu helped her to set her hair and also helped her with the makeup! Yun looked stunning in the off white gown which was decorated with pink pearls. It jas perfectly hugged her body showing her every curve and it was a back open dress which reached till her ankles! Biyu wore a navy blue gown which teaches till her knees with white pearls on neck and sleeves! They reached the venue and Yun saw Biyu anxiously searching for someone among the crowd!

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