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   Chapter 69 The Trap

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 9306

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Yun reached before the room and she rang the doorbell!

" Get inside!"

She thought Alex must be busy and he kept the door unlocked for her! So She opened the door and got inside the room but she could not find anyone there. She heard someone closing the door and locking it from inside. She turned back to look at the person! When she saw the man standing before her with his usual smirk she skipped her heartbeat. Her throat became so dry that she could not scream for help! Her whole body became ice-cold so she could not do anything. She was going to have a panic attack and her breathing became heavy.

" Are you surprised to see me Cupcake? I can read it from your face! By the way, you have become more gorgeous! I missed you so much!"

Yun was so much frightened that she couldn't hear him clearly and she knew that she was in big trouble! She just stared at him without blinking her eyes!

" Why are you not saying anything to me? Oh man! Your silence is just killing me! I just want to hear your voice, Yun! Ok, come here just give me a welcome hug at least!"

" No thanks!"

She spat out at him furiously! She couldn't think about him touching her since he is her nightmare!

" Oh Good! You can talk! I thought you lost your ability to speak! Well, I am happy to see you Yun and you have no idea how much I have missed you all these years! But it's good because I can realise the intensity of my love towards you! But look at you! You have changed a lot, Yun! Your face is glowing and your body has become curvier! I can't take my eyes off you, Yun! You are such a gorgeous girl !"

" Stop it Been Li! You are talking disrespectfully to someone 's wife! And I don't think that we have anything to discuss! Stop pursuing me! I don't like you and I am not going to love you! You had already spoiled my life! I don't want to see you anymore! Please just leave me!"

Yun tried walked towards the door and tried to open the door but she was pulled back by him and he kissed her lips with such a passion that he was literally eating her like! Yun pushed him away and slapped him hard on his face. She wiped her lips and stared at him furiously!

" How dare you touch me? I told you to stay away from me! I don't want you near me! I hate you!"

" I am so happy now you just touched my cheeks with your hands and I am so happy! I am in madly love with you Yun! I want you! And I am ready to lose anything for you! Please leave Zhen and be my wife!" Ben told her in a husky voice by rubbing his cheeks!

" That's never going to happen, Ben! I have already told you that I can't love you! I don't have any feelings for you! You can't force someone to love you! I am in love with Zhen and I can't love any other man! "

" STOP IT!!! Just stop it! I don't come here

he is right I found her in the lobby and she twisted her legs! I was just trying to help her! I didn't know that you are going to make a mess out of it! Please don't tell Yun about us! She may get hurt and I really don't want to see her in pain!"

" I am sorry! you are late Bro!"

" What do you mean?"

" Actually sis is with me!"

Biyu opened the door fully revealing Yun who was standing behind her! Zhen was really shocked to see her with Biyu! He got outside the room at once and held her hands towards his chest!

" I am sorry Yun!"

" Zhen! Can we discuss it in our room?"

" Yes!"

" Then let's go! Biyu I will come to your room and thanks for coming with me"

" It's ok sister and please don't get hurt! I don't want you to see in pain and misery! Please take care and teach him a good lesson!"

" I will! Bye!"

Biyu left to her room. Zhen and Yun left the place and Jessica stared Yun with a murderous glance! She gritted her teeth and hit the door with her hand! She screamed in pain and shut the door at their back!

Yun and Zhen got inside the room and locked it from inside!

" Now tell me what were you doing with her?"

" I have told you before! I was giving a foot massage to her since her legs got twisted!"

" But why the hell she was wearing such a transparent robe! Did you give it to her?"

" I don't know and I didn't give her that stupid thing!"

" But why did you give her the present you bought for me?"

" Oh! She was pleading to me and I just gave it to her! What's the big deal in that? I will buy you the pendant decorated with the costliest stones!"

" Zhen everything is not just about money! I knew that nothing has happened between you but I want to know why are you caring for her? when I clearly told you to stay away from her! You know something I didn't like to see you with her!"

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