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   Chapter 68 How About A Deal

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 9555

Updated: 2019-08-27 17:55

Jessica packed her things and asked her grandfather 's permission

" grandpa I am leaving! I have to reach there otherwise I won't get my man back!"

" Jessy Darling why can't you leave him? Our business is on the verge of destruction airport are going to get bankrupted soon! Why can't you mary Alex of Simona Enterprises, he is ready to pay our all debts for you! I want you to meet him for once please Jessy!"

" grandpa I can't do it and I have already told you the same! I want Zhen, he is the richest man in China and once I have become the wife of him I will be super rich! No one can touch me!"

" I don't know dear! I just want you to be happy! I am getting old and I want you to get settled before my death!"

" Grandpa! Please don't tell such things! I don't want you to die! You are my everything!"

" hmmm! I will call the driver to drop you at the airport! But if Zhen is not going to accept you within 30 days I want you to marry Alex. And I won't hear any other excuses of yours. Is that clear?"

" Ok, Grandpa! But you should pray for me!"

" Hmmm! Have a safe journey and take care of yourself!"

" You should also take good care of yourself! Don't drink too much alcohol! And try to take your medicines on time!"

" I will and let me know if you are in trouble! My friend Simon is staying there and you can contact him for any requirements! I will call him and send your number to him!"

" Thank you, Grandpa!"

Jessica hugged her grandfather and left to the airport.

As usual, Yun woke up late in the morning and Zhen has ordered her breakfast in their room. She was very exhausted and she saw the delicious food on the table. Yun got inside the bathroom and did her morning routine so quickly that her Food stayed still hot! She pounced on the bed and started to have her food just like a wild animal! Zhen was watching her with a sparkled eyes! He had never seen a girl attacking food with so much passion and she has emptied the plates within seconds. Zhen was really amazed to see her appetite. He neared her and Yun saw him coming towards to her and she realised the horrible fact and she felt embarrassed and hurt.

" I am sorry I didn't leave anything for you! I was very hungry and I had almost everything I found on the table! I am really sorry Zhen! I will order breakfast for you!"

" I had already had my breakfast! You are eating like a monster and it's kinda cute watching you eat all the food without bothering anything! "

" Are you praising me or insulting me Zhen? I loved to eat food using my hands! I know people will find it indecent to have food without using chopsticks but I liked this way!"

" Do you know something?You are unique!"

" hmmm! Zhen, did you see your Mom? Is she still angry at us?"

" I don't know!"

" What? You should have known about it! She is your mother and

elled at you guys! I am sorry! But I want you to be happy and that girl is not a good choice! I didn't like her and I don't know the reason! She is not a perfect match for you Zhen and you knew that I always preferred the best to you so please try to understand it!"

" Mom I am in madly love with her and I knew that you wanted me to marry Jessica but I won't be happy with her! I like my girl and you don't have any idea how much I love her! She is my heartbeat and she was always truthful to me! I won't leave her for anyone and I have asked you to accept my love! But you are actually trying to separate us from each other!"

" But I am doing it for your own good! Please, Zhen, try to understand reality! She is not a trustworthy person and I just want you to see it for yourself! Ok, just ignore everything! how about a deal?"

" deal? I didn't get you, Mom?"

" if you found her not a trustworthy person you should leave her and you.."

" And I need to marry Jessica because you liked her! That's not going to happen!"

" No Zhen! Let me finish and I didn't mean that! I just wanted to know her true self! If you too found out her as double-crosser you should leave her! Is it a deal?"

" hmmm yes! And do you know something you are going to lose the deal Mom! And if you lose it you will accept her as your daughter in law and I won't hear any more explanations from you!"

" Ok! Deal! Your sis is coming and I don't want you to tell her about our deal! She will inform Yun about it! Biyu lives her so much and I should appreciate your legal wife's capability to attract people towards her!"

" Yeah Mom she is like a magnet and I just lost like a puppy in her love!"

" Zhen! Don't let other iron men to get attracted towards her! Being a magnet she will always attract men towards her! So be careful!"

Zhen didn't respond anything to her and Biyu came there with their food!

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