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   Chapter 67 The purpose of the Trip

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 9681

Updated: 2019-08-25 13:32

They reached the destination and it took around 16 hours to reach there. They got inside the car and left. Zhen has booked the rooms in the beach resort and they went to their rooms to sleep but Yun was blocked by Sui Wang.

" You can stay with us! I don't think that you people should stay together before marriage and your granny is also going to visit us soon. So please just stay away from him!"

Yun looked at Sui Wang with a blank expression! She didn't know what to tell her! So she stayed silent keeping her head down! But Zhen was angry at her and he yelled at his Mom.

" No mom! I have already talked to granny about us! She knew all about Yun and I am not going to keep her in another room, especially with you!"

Zhen's respond made her very but she composed herself and replied to him.

" But son please try to understand the situation! If the paparazzi come to know about you spending the night with a girl in a hotel room, your reputation will get badly affected and it will have a negative impact on ourstocks! please try to be reasonable!"

" mom! She is my wife and I don't care about any others! She is mine!"

" What? Did you guys get married? And you didn't care to tell me? Where is her wedding ring? Don't you love your parents? You did not care about our feelings for you!"

" oh, mom Do you know something? you are asking too many questions? I will tell you the truth, We have signed the marriage agreement and she is my legal wife! We are waiting for your blessings for our marriage!"

" But you should have told us about your marriage! We are your family Zhen! We loved you cared for you and always prayed for your good! But still, you didn't care to inform us! You have ignored us for this little girl. Your parents are nothing before her! Right, Zhen? Oh Dear, You really disappointed me! I am hurt because of you! ".

" Sorry, Mom! But I can't take any risk! I don't want to miss her and I think I did the best for both of us! She is my everything and I can't live without her Mom! You don't know how much I love her? "

" whatever Zhen! I don't want to talk anything regarding this matter! It's already late and I need to sleep! Goodnight!"

Sui Wang got inside her room alone! She asked her daughter to accompany her but Biyu stayed with them.

Yun heard their conversation and she was very sad to know that his family was hurt because of their marriage! She knew that she is not a perfect match for him. She is not rich and she has no family. When his family will come to know the truth of her they are not going to accept her as their daughter in law. She knew that Zhen will fight against all those oppositions which will try to separate them! But she really doesn't want him to fight against his own family.

Yun came out of her trance when she got hugged by Biyu. Biyu was very happy to know that his brother got married to Yun. She hugge

the next flight to the Bahamas! Auntie just text me the address so that I can stay with you! Please, auntie, help me to get that bitch away from his life! I can't do it alone and I need your help!"

" I will always be there to help you! Don't get panicked! We will figure out something to separate them! I don't need that girl as my daughter in law! "

" Thanx auntie' bye!"

Sui wang hung up the call and went to her bed. She decided to meet Yun in the early morning to offer her money to leave her son. She has called her men there without the knowledge of Zhen and she had asked them to record the video of her giving money to Yun for leaving Zhen. She knew that her son will doubt her and she didn't want to leave any loose ends. She has instructed her men to act according to her plan and they obeyed her! She could easily throw the girl out of his life but Yun has impressed her husband so much that he has approved the marriage of Zhen with Yun. And it obvious that she couldn't throw her out of Zhen's life. Sui wang went to sleep with her daughter!

Zhen took her from the Jacuzzi and he wiped her with the towel and placed her on the bed along with him. He slept near to her hugging her and kissing her! Zhen knew that his Mom was against them but he was damn sure that she can't do anything against Yun since his father supported him. His father was very strict to them and he had given the best for them. But Zhen and his father entered into a fight because of Juna Li. June Li has killed his best friend and Zhen wanted to punish her but his father supported Juna Li's family instead of him and transferred him to another college in Abroad. He wanted his father to support him. But his father left him without asking his concern! Zhen started to keep a distance from his father from then onwards. But he never thought that his father would support him! He was so happy and finally, he just slept with his wife.

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