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   Chapter 66 Meeting His Family

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They started to have food. Zhen carefully set the plate for Yun. Cassandra watched them jealously and when they finished eating Zhen bid bye to his friends. They were all happy to spend some quality time with each other! They exchanged their numbers and Zhen was about to leave the Mall. But Cassandra stopped them and she asked for a lift. Zhen didn't want to take her with them but Yun asked him to help her.

Zhen caught her hand and asked her to go with him.

" Have you lost it, Yun! Why did you want to take her with us? Are you crazy? "

" Zhen, it's not a big deal! Just come with me! I will manage it without causing any troubles!"

" Whatever!"

Yun brought him back to the parking where Cassandra was eagerly waiting for them.

" I think I can help you, Cassandra! "

" ho thank you!"

Yun took her phone and did something on it.

" Cassandra! I have booked a taxi for you and We will wait here with you! I had already

t coming. Our pilot is waiting for us! Come let's leave!"

" Yeah, we are coming Biyu!"

" Zhen what did she mean by our pilot? "

" We are going on a jet plane owned by me! So the pilot is an employee of me!"

" Ohh! You owned a private jet too!"

" Yes! I have two more private jets!"

" Ho! I see!"

They got inside the plane. Yun was mesmerised to see the interiors. It was decorated with most modern equipment. She liked the whole arrangements and Zhen asked her to sit with him. His mom was staring at them with a smile on her face. His sister decided to sleep since she missed her sleep!

It will take around 16 hours to reach the Bahamas. The air hostess served the food and beverage to them. Yun had some snacks and she started to sleep on his shoulders. Zhen took her in bridal style and got inside his room to sleep. His Mom was watching every move of him carefully! He placed her on his bed and they slept together.

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