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   Chapter 65 Cassandra

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I am really sorry Zhen! It was my mistake! I should not let her come with us and spoil the wonderful evening of us! I am really sorry!"

" it's ok Yun! But why did you let her come with us?"

" she knew something about my mother and I wanted to find her!"

" it's ok we will definitely find her! How do you feel now? Shall I cancel the meeting with my friends?"

" no-no! I am fine it's just a slight headache! I am perfectly fine! But how do I look? "

" gorgeous as always!"

" Zhen! Don't try to flatter me!just tell me the truth !"

" I am telling the truth! You look gorgeous!"

" Thank you!"

They reached the restaurant and got seated.

Zhen introduced Yun to everyone.

" Yun this is my friend Steve and his wife Julia. This is Jackson and his girlfriend Mary and this is Cassandra, my friend!"

" Hai everyone!"

Yun wished them but nobody responded to her because they were all lost in her beauty and they didn't realize that she was greeting them! Zhen knew that his friends were jealous of him! He was actually wanted to skip the meeting because of Cassandra. Cassandra was his past and when he had enough fun with her she was not ready to leave him even after receiving the payment from Zhen. He didn't want Yun to know about his past but he knew that even if he tried to hide the news from her, she would know it one day. So he brought her with him.

He saw Cassandra looking at Yun furiously and he addressed everyone in order to bring them back to reality.

" Guys my girlfriend is saying something to you! "

Zhen patted Jackson's back and everyone came back to their senses.

" You are so gorgeous Yun! Just look at your skin it's so smooth and your hair is too much good! Your collarbone and your eyes and lips! You are a perfect fit for our buddy."

" Thank you, July, and you are also a gorgeous girl with a beautiful smile!"

" Thank you so much, Yun!"

Cassandra didn't like her since she used to be a fuckbuddy of Zhen. Zhen has stopped his playboy attitude two years before and Cassandra was trying hard to get an opportunity to be with him. She was ready to fuck any billionaires for money and she has a special liking for Zhen because his payment was prompt and good! She had received pretty much good money from him for serving him and she wanted more fun and money. She was actually waiting for a chance to get close to him. But she never expected that Zhen would engage to someone. Actually, the meeting was planned by her and she called their common friends to set a small get together. But Steve found Zhen with a girl in the same mall and he messaged Zhen to join them.

Cassandra was very happy to see Zhen and when she realised that he got a girlfriend, she was frustrated. when she saw Feng for the first time she was happy because she knew that his girlfriend is not going to be a beautiful girl since her sister looked ugly and filth

n left with them before throwing a murderous glance at Cassandra! Yun was very uncomfortable to sit with them. Cassandra was only looking at Yun furiously, she wanted to kill her but she composed herself!

Mary accompanied Julia to washroom and Yun was left alone with Cassandra!

" I want to ask you something! Can I ?"

" Yes, you can! What is it?"

" Do you think that Zhen is in love with you?"

" Yes, he is!"

" You are mistaken! He can't love anyone! He is actually using you! When he gets bored with you he will throw you out of his life! You have no idea about the pain you are going to endure! So mark my words and leave him before he leaves you!"

" see Cassandra! I and Zhen are not fuckbuddies! He is my husband and I don't need to leave him! We are married to live together and He is not going to throw me out of his life! I love him and I know that he loves me too! I knew that his ignorance is making you mad at us but Cassandra it was your past and please don't make him mad at you!"

" You bitch do you think that I will believe you! I know that he is not going to love anyone! You are just a passing fancy! He will definitely kick you out of his life!"

" Mind your language, Cassandra! I don't want you to believe me! And even if he asks me to leave him I will definitely leave him without making a mess in his life! Its called self-respect and do you know something you don't have any self-respect left in you!"

" You bloody! How dare you talk back to me? Do you think that Zhen will support you? It's your false hope babes! He loves me and I am damn sure that he wanted to kick you out of his life!"

" fine! I don't care Cassandra! Is there anything else you wants to inform me?"

Cassandra wanted to fight back but she saw Mary and Julia coming with their husbands and she stayed silent. She really wanted Yun to leave Zhen but her plan got failed and she rolled her eyes at Yun furiously.

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