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   Chapter 64 Feng Zhao’s Plan

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 9693

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" please sister! Just this time! I also wanted to come with you!Please let me come with you! I won't create any issues please!"

" No Feng! I am not going to take you with me!Come! Zhen let's go!"

" If you let me go with you, I can give you some details about your mom! But promise me that you are ready to take me with you!"

" what are you bluffing Feng?"

" See I am damn serious and let me come with you! I will definitely tell you the piece of information I have known about her!

" hmmm! Are you trying to fool me? I don't think that I should believe you! Your Dad had already fooled me and I am not going to give you a second chance!"

" But I am not asking for money! It's just a drive and I am only asking you to take me with you! You have nothing to lose!"

" Ok! Zhen, can you please take her with us? I can promise you that she is not going to create any problems! "

" But Yun! "

" Please!"

" ok !"

They got inside the car and drove off to the mall. Feng was only starting at Zhen without blinking her eyes! She wanted to stay closer to him and make him fall for her. She started to talk with him but Zhen ignored her. But she kept on trying! She was trying her best to attract him towards her!

" Do you like Ferrari? I am a big fan of them!"

" Do you like Armani? I love them and I used to chose it for my father! He too loved them!"

" Do you have any beach house! I would like to spend holidays in beach houses! I really loved it!"

" Do you like..?

" Just shut up Feng!! Can't you see I am not interested to talk to you! So just cut the crap and zip your filthy mouth!"

Zhen cut her off by yelling at her furiously!

" whaatjQuery21408522282524124185_1566426599922 I am sorry!"

" You should be!"

Yun held his hands and blinked her eyes at him to lessen the irritation he is having because of her sister!

Zhen took her hands and kissed them gently! Yun smiled at him and his heart was meltdown to see the beautiful smile of his wife! He wanted to kiss her strawberry lips but he controlled the urge to kiss them and continued to drive!

Feng could not believe her sister! Feng was sure about one thing that Yun had done some magic spell on this ruthless man that he was ready to forgive her only because of her sister's request. She wanted to snatch Zhen from him and she was thinking about various plans. She always wanted a billionaire as her husband and she thought Xi would spend billions on her but she never knew that he would cut short her expenses in order to control the extravagance! Her life became more horrible when Xi told her to surrender her credit card to him which was linked to his account! She couldn't think about life without shopping and partying. The thought of Zhen and his endless wealth has catalysed her desire to get a divorce from Xi!

Finally, they reached the mall and when they got out of the

room! But when I went there to check her after using the washroom, she has already left "

Zhen knew that something was fishy. Her phone is also with him and she could not call him even if she needed any help. Hence Zhen excused his friends!

" Where are you going? She will come to us! Please don't go!"

" Mind you own business!"

" Yun knew that the whole drama was set by her own sister and she wanted to find a way to get out of this situation! She started to search for her phone and she could not find it! Because her phone was with Zhen. Yun started to breath heavily! She always feared the darkness and she lost her courage when her brain realised the helplessness of her!

Yun was very sad and she waited inside the room for Zhen. Her head started to spin and she started to suffocate inside the room. She has started to sweat heavily. To her surprise, Zhen got inside the room and he hugged her.

" Hey, oh my God! What happened to you? Why are you breathing so heavily? Are you alright!"

" Yun I am talking to you! Yun! "

Zhen shook her twice by calling out her name.

" I am not feeling good! My door was locked and there was no electricity! My dress was toned apart and I thought I am going to die here! But you saved me! You really saved me Zhen!"

" But how did you get stuck up here? The door was locked from outside! And the electricity to this room has switched off! Do you have any doubts?"

" it's all happened because of her Zhen! She has deliberately zipped my dress up in order to tear it, she closed the door from outside. She had done it perfectly!!! She has brutally trapped me here and she left me alone in this room!"

Zhen took a nice gown from the counter and put the dress on her within seconds and he took her in bridal style out of the room and placed her on the couch! He comforted her and paid the bill too. Finally, he took her with him to introduce her to his friends!

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