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   Chapter 63 The Unknown Man

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Zhen woke up in the morning and he was looking for his wife but could not find her on the bed and he took a quick shower, got dressed and went downstairs. He saw his wife with Niyu and they were busy with cooking breakfast for him. He liked his wife attire since she was wearing an apron over her gown and cooking some pancakes for him. He stayed there and enjoyed the view. They didn't see him since they were completely lost in cooking.

" Madam! Did you get any other gifts from the stalker?"

" yeah, Niyu!! I got the pictures of Goofy and a letter last time! He is really crazy about me and I think it must be some prank!"

" Did you inform Master about him?"

" No! He is already tensed because of too many things and I really don't want to discuss it with him now! Let's not inform him about this crazy guy, I don't want him to worry about me. !"

" But he is in love with you madam! And if you hide the fact from him he will definitely feel bad about it!"

" I am not hiding anything from him Niyu! Do you know? Right now he is facing too many problems from his family and he is really frustrated! I can't discuss it with him now! And I really don't want to make him sad! You don't have any idea Niyu how much I love him? He is my soul and I can't live without him! He is my everything and I never loved anyone like this! I don't need his money Niyu! I like him and I can't live without him!"

" yeah, I knew it too! But you should confess your feelings to him! "

Zhen heard them clearly and he was happy to know that his wife is in madly love with him. But at the same time, he was mad at her for not disclosing anything about the stalker! He knew that his wife is pure and sacred like holy water but the thought of someone loving her and sending her gifts made him angry. He decided to tighten the security of her. He wanted to ask her about the guy but he decided to leave it for the time being. Still, it disturbed his mind, he had already arranged Andrews as her bodyguard but the stalker managed to contact her breaking all the securities.

" Excuse me, girls! I hope my breakfast is ready!"

Yun and Niyu turned to look at the person who is standing in the kitchen gloriously like a Greek God!"

" Hey! You are awake? You must be hungry, please be seated! I will serve the food and we can have it together!"

" of course!"

Zhen went towards the dining room and seated on the chair.

" Madam did boss overhead us? Are we in trouble?"

" No Niyu! If heard us he will definitely ask me a lot about the man rather than giving the warm smile to me!"

" ok madam, You go and sit beside him I will serve food!"

" Thank you Niyu!"


" Not now Yun! You just inform the PA of Li max that we are hosting the meeting at day after tomorrow and make sure that they should not call me further!"

" Ok! Zhen, can you tell me something? what did happen to you?"

" Nothing! It's actually about our business and you don't need to worry about it!"

" ok! I don't want you to get stressed out too much! I am concerned about you!"

" Hey, it's nothing! Just ignore it!"

" Ok! Shall I leave now?"

" Yes! Please!"

Yun went back to her cabin and began to do her works. She was so much immersed in her works that she didn't see the man going out of her husband's cabin. After 1 hour she was called by her husband and asked her to wait!

She obeyed her husband! It was around 5 pm and she was shocked to see her husband standing before her!

" Hey, what are you doing here?"

" come let's go shopping! Don't you remember it?"

"yeah! "

They got out of the office but they didn't know that Feng was following them. She has finished her works before5 pm. She gave her works to other gents and they were ready to do it because of the give and take the policy of Feng. She informed them that she is ready to spend a night with a guy who will finish off her works before 5 pm. When they were about to get inside his car Feng came between Zhen and car.

" can you let me go with you? I missed you shopping so much!! especially you sir!"

Feng smiled at Zhen flirtatiously and she tried to get inside the car but Zhen caught her hand and pushed her slightly!

" we can't take you with us! Go and complete the work before 6!"

" But I have already finished it! Please sister tell him to bring me with you guys!I love shopping !"

" sorry, Feng! I can't do it! You are not supposed to accompany us!"


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