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   Chapter 62 The seductress

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 8926

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" No Auntie! I need to go back! I didn't ask my grandpa!"

" oh, you should have asked him, Jessica! But it's ok you can call him now also!"

" But Auntie! Zhen won't like my presence here and I think it's better to go back to my home!"

" No, you should listen to me! Just call your grandpa and tell him that you are staying with us!"

" Ok, Auntie!"

" Mom, have you seen Zhen? "

Zhen's sister Biyu came there looking for Zhen!

" Yeah, he is in his room! Why can't you take Jessica with you! He liked to spend time with her!"

" I don't think so, mom! Just give him a break! Why are you trying to irritate him? If he didn't like her presence here you could let her leave! Why are you forcing her to stay with us? They are not in love and can't you realise his frustration?"

" Enough Biyu! Stop insulting Jessica before me! She is also a family member! "

" ok if you are so much interested to include her in our family you are going to lose your son! Mom you are forcing him to marry her! When you clearly knew that he liked another girl! He confessed his feelings for her to you and you are forcing him to like Jessica! You are unbelievable! Don't do anything against his wish! He is your son and please try to understand him!"

" Biyu! It's enough! Don't teach me how to behave with my son! You are not my mother!"

" Auntie please don't start a fight with her because of me! Biyu if you don't like my presence here I am ready to leave!"

" No Jessica don't listen to her! I am the one who asked you to stay here! Please stay here!"

" Mom do you know something? He is going to hate you for sure! And please don't come to me asking for my help! I am damn sure that no one will help you!"

" I won't ask your help because Jessica is with me! She will stay with me!"

" You are impossible "

Biyu left the place and she got inside her Brother's room. She found him sitting on the couch with vodka!

" Hey! You promised me that you are going to show me my future sis in law! But you are sitting here with a glass of vodka! What happened?"

" Mom is behaving so strange! I am fucked up! I have told her that I am going to fix a family meeting with Yun! But I don't think that mom is going to come with me! She only cares about that bitchy girl and I just want to kick her out of my life! She is literally stalking me! I just hate her Biyu and I am so damn frustrated!"

" Just ignore her! I need to see Yun who has managed to make my brother fall for her! please, bro just fix a meeting with her! I wanted to see her!"

" ok ok! I will! It's already getting late! Just go to your room and sleep!"

" ok! But don't forget your pr

e you?"

" You are so naive! Come here !"

Yun moved closer to him and they started to kiss. It was an intense kiss and they finally broke apart to breathe! Zhen kissed her again and started to kiss her hands fingers and cheeks! Then he went down kissing and biting her whole body! A loud moan escaped from her mouth and it turned him on! He kissed and sucked her thighs and soft spot! Yun called his name along with moan. he began to thrust inside her! She screamed in pleasure and kissed him. He changed his positions and he had a passionate sex with her and finally, he released inside her!

She was very exhausted and he kissed her and hugged her close to his heart!

" Are you ok? I knew that you are exhausted! "

" But I love to get exhausted by you! I love you Zhen and please don't leave me! I don't need your money but I can't endure the pain of losing you!"

" No! I won't leave you! I promise you! Now just go to sleep! Don't wake up early! Just take some rest and you don't have to come to the office!"

" No, it's fine! I will come!"

" You are too stubborn! Do you know that?"

" hmm, and you are so demanding?"

" I don't. Why can't I get angry at you? I have missed you so much! My Mom is not ready to meet you and I was planning a trip to the Bahamas so that I can take you along with my family! My sister is asking me to take her to you! So can you come with us for a short vacation?"

" Of course! but if your Mom is not ready to accept me as her daughter in law, then what will I do? I can't live without you, Zhen! I need you!"

"I know dear! You don't need to worry about it! I can manage it! Tomorrow we are going out to get you some dresses!"

" But on one condition that you should have let me pay for them!"

" ho not again!"

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