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   Chapter 61 Letter From the Stranger

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Zhen left in the morning to pick his family from the airport and he left a note to Yun. Yun woke up late in the morning and she found the note left by her husband!

" I am going to receive my family from the Airport and I hope you can manage the office today! I will fix a date to introduce you to them! Don't get panicked because of the meeting them! I will be always with you!"

Yun began smiling by reading the letter and she missed him too much. She wanted to reach the office on time and she got Freshen up quickly and left to her office without having her breakfast. She took her car to the office and she felt someone was following her through the way to her office but she didn't find anyone behind her and she thought it was her imagination and she ignored the wired thought!

Yun began to do her works, she had arranged the schedules according to his availability and she has postponed his meeting with the Li Max company to the next day. She had talked to the delegates regarding it and she got a confirmation mail from them.

Yun finished her work and she got a mail from the HR department about the new joiner. They have given her the post of office assistant in the Marketing section and the girl is creating so many problems for them. She is telling them to change her designation to secretary of Mr Zhen from office assistant. She has even told them that her sister is working as the PA of Mr Zhen and she too wanted to get the job like her sister! She told them that Mr Zhen has promised her that she can join in his company as his special secretary. If the HR department is not appointing her as his secretary she threatened them that she will definitely complain them to Zhen for not listening to her!

The HR manager has gone crazy hearing her bluffs and he asked Yun to come there. Yun reached there quickly and she saw Feng Zhao literally scolding everyone there and she zipped her mouth when she saw Yun before her! She ran to her and started to shed her crocodile tears at her!

" Sister! They are not listening to me! I am appointed as the secretary of Mr Zhen and they asked me to take the job of an office assistant! They are clearly insulting me and I want you to ask them about it!"

" what's the problem, Sir?"

" Yun, is she your sister? She is creating such a mess here? We can't control her since she is acting weirdly!"

" How dare you call me crazy? Sister, tell Mr Zhen to fire him at once! He has no manners and he is criticising me who is going to be the Secretary of

to ask about her cousin!

" Sorry to bother you! Did my sister create any problem there? She is not a mature girl and I apologise you one more time!"

" No need of that madam! She is doing her work and I had already told her to leave but she denied me and started to do her remaining works!"

" Ok, sir! You should be strict with her and don't let her go without completing her works! "

" ok, madam!"

Yun reached her home and she found Goofy and Niyu waiting for her! Goofy pounced on her and started to lick her face!

" easy boy easy! Don't eat me, dude!"

She took Goofy with her and went to her bedroom with Niyu! They played with Goofy!

Zhen was trying to get a chance to talk to his family about Yun but Jessica stayed with them. She is trying hard to impress his Mom and his mother also liked her but his sister never liked her. Zhen called his mother to talk but his mother came to him holding the hands of Jessica and it angered him.

" Mom I need to talk something personal! Can you come with me?"

" Of course! Go on I am listening!"

" No, I told you its personal !"

" oh Zhen Jessica is our family and I don't think that we need to discuss it without her presence!"

" It's ok Auntie! He needs to talk something important! I will stay here and you guys, please go! "

" No Jessica!"

" Ok! Just forget it, Mom! I have nothing to tell you! Bye!"

Zhen went to his room and shut the door at their face!

" Auntie I think he is angry at me! You should go with him! He is disturbed and I think he needs someone to share his problems!"

" Let him stay there! Jessica! Are you going to stay with us? Did you ask your father?"


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