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   Chapter 60 Juna Li Is Back

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Chang Du Characters: 8559

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" what do you want Juna Li?

" Oh you knew my name? I want my brother back! Can you do that?"

" I don't know what you are bluffing! Unlock the door! I need to go out!"

" I will open it but I want you to answer my questions!"

" Why should I? Are you my teacher or police officer to interrogate me? Just leave! I don't have time to hear your stupidity!"

" stay there Yun! "

Juna Li caught her hair and dragged her towards the bed and threw her on the bed! Yun screamed in pain and she wanted to fight with her but she knew that paparazzi are outside and it will be better to stay calm rather than having an argument with her!

" You were the girl who insulted me before everyone at the restaurant! It was because of you Zhen has gone angry at me! I came there to spend time with him and you ruined it because of your filthy presence! Now you have almost killed my Brother too! I am not going to leave you! You should answer me !"

" oh! You are mistaken! I was there to attend a meeting with him! Our first meeting was not an impressive one and it was not my fault!"

" You bitch! Tell me now! What happened to my little brother? Why did you try to kill my brother? He is in a critical stage now and it happened all because of you!"

" No, you are mistaken! I didn't do anything! He hit his head using a wine bottle and we brought him here on time! Why would I hurt him?"

" You are asking me? Why don't you ask yourself?"

" I didn't do anything bad to him! Let him wake up first and you can ask him the same!"

" He is not going to blame you for his hurt and pain! He will endure it for you! But don't think that I am also a soft-hearted one like him! I won't forgive you Yun! Now you tell me! Why did you meet him at the hotel?"

" I don't know! He was the one who had asked me to meet him at the hotel! I denied him first but he requested me and I have decided to meet him because of my sister! They are divorced and I was thinking about to request Xi to take my sister with him so that she won't lose her life and they can live happily, but he just proposed me for marrying him before everyone and embarrassed me! I didn't want to be a laughing stock before them and I just ran back to the car! But he followed me with a wine bottle and hit his head for not accepting his proposal!"

" What a cooked up story! You are brilliant to tell manipulative stories and do you really think that I am going to believe you? I wanted to hear the truth from you and you are going to tell me that!"

" I have already told you the truth and I

et him back! Mark my words Yun. I will be the one who is going to kill you!"

" Enough! Juna, don't make me angry now! Come, Yun let's go!"

Zhen pulled Yun with him and they left the room. Juna Li could not see the sight of Zhen with Yun and she gritted her teeth furiously. She knew that she was helpless now but she decided to kill Yun and she called her buddies to help her.

Yun asked the doctor about Xi's health and they told them that the surgery went good and he was out of danger! She was happy to hear the news and she left with Zhen to their house!

" Did she really kill the girl? I mean how can she pull out her eyes! It's so cruel and I am sure she must have used some gangsters to do it!"

" No Yun! She did it herself and the poor girl died! She is insane and she was treated in a mental asylum to refrain from the psychotic behaviour of her, but I don't think that she is normal now!"

" Oh my God! I didn't know that Zhen and I hope she won't pull out my eyes!"

Zhen pulled over his car and looked at her with a smirk on his face!

" Don't tell me that you are frightened!"

" Yes, I am! I should not provoke her by fighting with her! She has become angry at me and I am going to be in danger!"

" Don't worry Yun! I am here to protect you! You won't get hurt by anyone! You are a brave girl Yun and you fought with her and managed to save yourself without any bruise! I am so happy to get a brave and smart girl like you!"

" don't flatter me too much! Come let's go! It's already getting late!"

They drove to their home and finally, the reached! Niyu was waiting for them without sleeping and she opened the door for them.

They had dinner and went to sleep.

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