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   Chapter 59 I Will Kill Myself

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 8624

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Yun reached her home with Niyu and Goofy. But she didn't know that someone was following her everywhere and taking pictures of her! She enjoyed playing with Goofy! She always loved the pets especially dogs are her favourites! Niyu also liked her very much because Yun never treated her as a servant and she liked to spend time with her!

Xi mansion

Xi was thinking about Yun and he was planning a surprise for her! He wanted to be with her! He knew that Yun has a crush on Zhen and it would be difficult for him to take her away from Zhen since Zhen is more powerful than him. He had ditched Feng for Yun and he wanted to confess her his love for her! He wanted to convince her that his love is genuine and he will do anything for her!

He drugged Feng and asked her to sign the papers telling her that the papers were meant to register a plot in her name. She signed them without reading the content and he used those signed divorce papers to ditch her from his life! But he was surprised to see her expression when she came to know about the divorce! she was also waiting to get divorce from him and when he had initiated the procedure of divorce she had asked him to give her some compensation for living with him. Xi gave her around 10 million yuan and she was very happy! She just walked away from his life without any guilt or sorrow and their parents tried to convince him but finally they surrendered before his stubbornness!

Xi knew that his love for Yun was an everlasting one and he wanted Yun to realise it too! So he asked her to meet him at a restaurant. She agreed to meet him too. Xi waited for a perfect time to propose her because he feared his sister Juna Li who didn't like Yun because of the restaurant incident will ruin his plan! He was happy when Juna Li left to the Bahamas for enjoying the vacation with her friends! He knew that She will return only after 2 weeks so he thought of executing his plan! Yun promised him that she will meet him outside and Xi texted her to decide the venue and he waited impatiently for her reply.

Finally, Xi got the reply from Yun!

" Meet me at Lahan Restaurant at 7 pm and please don't take too much time I need to go back !"

" of course! I will take care of it but you have to come for sure!"

Xi dressed in his black Armani suit and he sprayed the Cologne on him which was Yun's favourite! He took his new Mercedes Benz and left to meet her!

Yun didn't want to meet him but she wanted to know the actual reason behind the divorce! She wanted him to understand his mistakes and flows which leaded them

became pale!

Sam rushed to Xi and helped him get inside their car, he asked Yun to get in the car and they drive to the nearest hospital! Xi has already lost a tremendous amount of blood and the doctors placed him in the intensive care unit! Sam asked Yun to go back with Mathews but she denied him and stayed there crying and praying! Sam knew that things are going out of his control because he saw some media person outside the hospital. He asked the hospital staff to tighten the security outside the hospital and asked Yun to get inside a vacant room! He called Zhen and explained to him everything! Sam went outside to call his boss and he took Mathews with him!

They waited for the main surgeon and when they saw him they told him everything and requested him to save his life, the doctor went directly to Xi's room and shifted him to the surgery room. The impact of the hit was serious and the doctor administered the fellow surgeon to perform the surgery at once!Sam and Mathews went outside to answer the questions of the media and they were so busy that they forget about Yun

Yun knew that it is going to be a major issue for her! and she began to walk through the room restlessly! She just wanted Xi to be safe! Yun was so much involved in the thought that she didn't see the lady sneaking inside the hospital room! The lady closed the room and locked it from inside! Yun heard the sound of closing the door and she turned to look at the person standing before her. She could not believe her eyes and her throat became so dry that she can't call Sam for help! She stayed there frozen like a statue and the lady neared her with full of hatred in her eyes. Yun knew that her life is going to end today.

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