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   Chapter 58 The Flowers From A Stranger

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 8317

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Yun hung up the call and she could not believe him.

" I know he ditched me because of her but I never wanted him to ditch her too! Let me talk to him! I just wanted them to be happy even though she is a bitch!"

Yun thought herself and she got dressed and went down to have breakfast.

" Niyu!! what are you doing? You should have called me in the morning! It is already late and how can I go to my office!"

" But you were very exhausted madam and Sir told me not to wake you up! I am sorry madam!"

" Niyu! But you should have called me ya! This is so embarrassing! "

" Sorry! Can I bring your breakfast?"

" hmmm!"

Niyu went to take the breakfast and when she came with a tray full of food Yun's eyes were about to pop out seeing them!

" Niyu! Do you think that I am a Food Monster?"

" No madam! But why did you ask me that?"

"  Why did you bring so much food for me? I don't need this much food!"

" hmmm! You need to have more food madam then only you will have enough strength to bear the passionate love of my master!"

" What? You are unbelievable! You are feeding me the whole tray of food to endure your master's torture? I can't believe you Niyu! Let me ask Sam about it?"

" What???? Why do you want to ask Sam about it?"

" Because I wanted to know it from your boyfriend!"

"what? You knew that we are in love! Did he tell you that? but no one knows it and how do you manage to know it?"

" Don't you remember the day Sam came here to pick me for the dinner party! "

" yes! "

" I have seen him looking at you with so much intensity and I was damn sure that you people are in love. I knew that you too loved him and I figured it out from your blushed cheeks!. Sam has no interest in other girls because he is in love with you and you are so lucky! You guys look great together and I am happy for you!"

" Thank you, madam!"

" Ok, Niyu I am leaving now! Take care and don't think too much about me! Think about your soon to be husband!"

" what? But Madam! "

" Just joking dear! Bye!"

Yun hugged Niyu and bid bye to her after having some food! She reached her office 1 hour late and she was asked to report to the CEO's office!

" Why did you come today? You should have taken the day off! Your eyes had dark circles and you need sleep!"

" I don't need it and I am fine! Why did you call me here?"

" My mom is going to come with my sister and I want you to meet them! "

" But what will I say to them? They are no

he office. Sam came there to pick her and they went to the mansion. Yun was so tired that she slept through the entire journey and Sam called her when they reached the mansion!

" Hey! Yun! We have already reached! Now you please get down! Yun! Just wake up!"

" Yun opened her eyes gradually and she found Sam before her with a concerned look on his face!

" oh, we have reached! I am sorry Sam I didn't notice!"

" it's ok! I think I should leave now! "

" No no! Just get inside so that we can have a cup of coffee! Niyu is such an amazing cook! You should try her snacks!"

" Not today! I am a little busy now! I will come later!"

" Nothing doing! Come inside!"

Yun forced Sam and he finally agreed to have a cup of coffee with them. Niyu didn't expect Sam there and she began to blush heavily!

" I knew that you guys are in love Sam! Take your time and talk to her! no one is going to eat you!"

Sam smiled at Yun and he began to chat with Niyu who was standing there with coffee and snacks! Finally, Sam left the home and drove off to meet his boss! Niyu was very thankful to Yun for giving her the chance to talk with her man! Yun smiled at her and when she was about to go upstairs, she heard the sound of the doorbell!

Niyu opened the door and she found a puppy inside a basket! She called Yun and both of them started to take care of it! Yun knew that someone had kept it there for her and she took it inside. The puppy was very small and it had a small cut on its left leg! She carried it to the veterinary doctor and also vaccinated the puppy! She bought a belt for it with a name imprinted on it, and its name was Goofy!

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