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   Chapter 57 Her Confession

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They joined back to Zhen and Jessica who were talking to each other. Yun smiled at Deng Yu and he too smiled at her!

Zhen rolled his eyes on them and he motioned the waiters to place the food!

Yun didn't bother to spare a glance at Zhen who was jealous to see her with Deng Yu!

The began to have the food and Jessica told Zhen to feed her and he obeyed her and started to feed her! Yun saw them having the food together like a toddler and she averted her eyes from them!"

They finished the food and Deng Yu left the restaurant first, before leaving the place he asked Yun to think about his proposal and she smiled at him.

Zhen has gone mad at her because of her flirting with Deng Yu. He wanted to punish her till she asks his forgiveness and he was thinking about various punishment methods. He didn't care to look at Jessica. When Deng Yu left them after giving a goodbye to hug to Yun, Jessica started to complaint Zhen for his ignorance towards her!

" Zhen you have changed a lot! You didn't care for me anymore! You are such a selfish man! You only think about yourself and your stupid project! I love you Zhen and I want you to love me like your friend Deng Yu! Deng Yu is in love with Yun and he is caring for her too! He was supporting her when I called her a bitch! But you were supporting Yun instead of me!!Why are you avoiding me? I loved you and I wanted you to be mine but you have always ignored the marriage proposal and you are just hurting me!"

" Do you think that Deng Yu is in love with Yun?"

" Yeah, he is! I want you to love me like him! "

" Do you think Yun also love him?"

" What hell? It's enough Zhen!! I can't believe you and I can't take it anymore! I am going to get mad because of you! It's better to leave now! bye, Zhen! I am going!"

Jessica left them without a second thought and Yun was left alone with Zhen.

She found Jessica fighting with Zhen and she was happy to see their argument. She could not hear them properly as she was sitting far from them. But she was damn sure that Jessica left the restaurant after quarrelling with him. Yun was overjoyed and she was expecting Zhen to offer her the lift!

Zhen neared her ask her to get inside his car and he drove off to his mansion. Niyu opened the door for them and Yun left directly to her home without saying anything. She knew that Zhen was mad at her because throughout the journey he did not say a word to her rather than driving his car with his hands holding the steering so tightly that his knuckles be

's blessings for their marriage!

Zhen knew that Yun was exhausted and she fell into sleep on his chest! He kissed her forehead and pulled her towards him! He was hurt to see her in pain and he kissed her eyes and lips one more time! He wanted to tell her everything about Jessica and he was actually waiting for a chance to reveal the truth. But the thought of his courtesy and promise towards Jessica's grandfather made him change his decision and he ignored her grief!

Yun woke up at 10 and she found an empty spot in the place of Zhen! She was hurt and she cried silently! She knew that Zhen was confused about his feelings for her and she decided to give him some time to think about their relationship! She wanted him to accept their marriage before society so that she can keep the sluts and whores away from him! Yun cane out if her thought when She got a call from an unknown number and she rejected it!

Yun got dressed and was about to leave to office, then she got the call from the same number! She finally took the call

" who is this speaking?"

" it's me Xi Li!"

" But why are you calling me from a different number?"

" it's a long story Yun! I wanted to talk to you! Can you spare me some time so that we can fix a meeting at any place of your choice!"

" Sorry I can't! You can tell it now!"

" No Yun I wanted to meet you and tell you!"

" is it about your divorce with my sister?"

" oh, you also came to know about the shit?"

" Yes! Because she is my sister!"

" hmmm! Can I come to meet you at your office?"

" No no! Let me think about it and I will text you later!"

" Ok, but please try to come! It's very urgent!"

"ok bye!"

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