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   Chapter 56 Dinner With Deng Yu

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 8692

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" Hmm! Nothing!"

" it's suits you well since you are skin is less exposed to the sun!"

" what? Now you are restricting me from wearing short dresses too! OMG! You are unbelievable Zhen!"

" Not again Yun! I am not in the mood to start the fight with you!"

" ok, so Can I leave now?"

" You can!! but can you take off your jacket? "

" But why do you want me to take off that?"

" Just do it, man! Why are you questioning me for every single thing!"

" ok ok!"

Yun took off her jacket and Zhen neared her! He saw the hickeys on her body and he was happy to know that he had marked her successfully!

" ok, you can put on it back! I will come to meet you at your home!"

" No! You should not! I can not take it anymore! Please don't come!"

" I am not going to eat you! I will pick you at 8 pm so that we can have dinner with Deng Yu!"

" Oh, you meant that!"

Yun got out of his office and went directly to her home! She took a quick bath and wore a light pink gown and light make up. It was around 8 pm and she got out of the house! She was excited to go out with Zhen and she was eagerly waiting for him outside her home but unfortunately, she got the call from Zhen

" I have sent Sam over there to pick you! Come with him!"

" But where are you now?"

" Jessica is with me so I can't come there to get you!"

" Fine! I don't think that I should come there and spoil your date with Jessica!"

" Yun! It's an official dinner and Deng Yu is waiting for us!"

" If it's an official dinner why did you take her with you? Why are you giving too much priority to her? If you are so much in love with her you can marry her! Why do you force me to marry you? I am sorry Zhen I am not coming there to attend the dinner since I don't want to be the third wheel between you guys!"

" Yun! Don't force me to punish you for not obeying me! You should act according to the contract! Don't test my patience and come with Sam! It's the last warning for you!"

" Fine! Do you know something Zhen I hate you! I just hate you!"

Yun hung up the call and gritted her teeth! She saw Sam coming towards her and she bid bye to Niyu. Sam opened the door for her and she got inside the car.

" shall we go madam?"

" Yes but please don't call me madam Sam! Call me Yun! "

" But how can I call your name? You are ?"

" I am..egat Sam? See Sam, I am not your boss! And you can call me by my name! I am just like you, an employee of Wang company, so don't call me madam from now on and I just hate it!"

" ok! I will take care of it"

" where are we going? "

" To the

though your lips are truly kissable!"

" Do you know something? You are a pervert! A Handsome pervert!"

" Yeah, I can be a pervert because I didn't get the girl I love!"

" haha very funny! You are such a nice guy Deng! I mean you are rich and you are humble! You are a good company to hang out! I mean I can discuss anything with you! You won't judge me or order me anything! You can force me to do anything since you have the ultimate power to reject the project but still, you are treating me like you buddy! I am so touched! You are a good friend!"

" well I am ready to be your boyfriend but you are not interested! Try me! I can be an excellent boyfriend too!"

" Hey just stop it Deng! "

" Ok! See I think Zhen has a crush on you! Did he propose to you?"

" No! Why would he? He is already having Jessica to love!"

" I don't know! But he is very curious to hear our conversation and he is only looking at you!"

" He must be thinking about the project! Why would he care for me? When he got a beautiful girlfriend behind his back!"

"Oh Yun! No one is as beautiful as you! You don't have any idea about your beauty! You are truly a gorgeous girl with a beautiful heart! You are a perfect wife and we can marry you without a second thought! You are gorgeous educated intelligent and funny! Every man will go crazy for you! You are unique and I love your attitude towards everyone!"

" I hope it's an appreciation! By the way, Zhen has no such crush on me! He is in love with Jessica and they are made for each other!"

" your mind speaks something else, Yun! Are you sure about Zhen?"

" Can we change the topic? "

" of course! Shall we go to have our food because I am starving!"

" me too!"

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