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   Chapter 55 His punishment

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Yun moved away from him and Zhen got inside the house. She closed the door and went to switch off the light in the kitchen. Since it was the dinner time she wanted to offer dinner for him!

" Do you want anything to eat? Shall I prepare you something?"

" ho! So you are ready to spare your time to cook dinner for me? I am so touched! Did your boyfriend Deng Yu know that you are staying with me ?"

Yun was initiated to hear his comments! But she ignored them and tried to console him!

" I hope you had your dinner! Goodnight Zhen! I think it's better to talk in the morning!"

" Do you think that I am a fool? I know everything about you! You are flirting with him before your husband! Have you lost it? Do you have any shame left with you? You are such a pathetic attention-seeking girl!"

" Did you finish the talking? Shall I go to sleep now?"

" No, I have not yet finished! Stay here! I want you to answer my questions now!"

" Can we discuss it in the morning? You are not in your right sense to discuss it! I think I should sleep now!"

" Don't you dare to turn your back on me when I have not done talking to you!"

" Ok, just go on!"

" Why did you flirt with him?"

" I was talking to him in a professional way and I don't know what you should count it as flirting!"

" why did he kiss you?"

" I don't know! And I didn't ask him !"

" Why did he hug you?"

" Ho God! I don't know! You are too much! I am going to sleep now! Goodnight Zhen!"

Yun was frustrated to the core because of the dubious questions of her husband! She was irritated and frightened to see his ruthlessness towards her hence she made an excuse to get away from him!

Yun got inside her room and she placed her phone on the table! She forgets to take the water in her room so she gets down to get water and her book! She found no one in the hall and she saw the light in Zhen's room! She thought that Zhen has gone to sleep in his room and she got inside her room silently after collecting her things from the living room!

She closed the door and placed the water on the table. Then she laid down in her bed with the book in her hand. She was about to read the book then she heard the sound of showers from her bathroom. She placed the book on the table and she moved towards the bathroom to check inside it! when she opened the door to her bathroom she found Zhen before her wearing nothing.

She screamed in shock and closed her eye with her hands.

" what are you doing inside my bathroom? This is not your room! Can you pleas

er closet and she put on it. She saw some hickeys on her neck and collarbone and she untied her hair to cover them. She has applied some concealer and lipstick to hide the remaining hickeys on her chin and lips respectively! After finishing her touch up she got outside the room to get something to eat.

She saw her maid Niyu cooking something delicious and she neared her to check it.

"! Hey Niyu!! It smells really nice! Could you please give me that?"

" Madam Are you awake? Sir told me to take good care of you! Please rest in your room and I will bring you the food!"

" No I will have it from here!"

Niyu gave her a tray of food and she had emptied the tray within minutes!

" Thanks, Niyu! Your food is so good and delicious! I liked it!"

" Thank you, madam! Are you going outside?"

" Yes I need to get something from my office!"

" But sir told me to!"

" It's ok Niyu! I will take care of myself! Bye!"

" Madam! Sam has brought a packet for you! And I have kept it on the table!"

" Ok, Niyu!"

Yun took the packet and she found the latest iPhone inside it! She inserted her sim inside it and went directly to her office! On the way, she got another message from Deng Yu asking about a meeting with Zhen. She got inside her office and took the Gypia company's file and went to meet Zhen at his office room. She knocked the door and Zhen asked her to get inside.

Zhen saw Yun and it brought a smile on his face.

" what are you doing here? You should take some rest! You are exhausted and weak!"

" hmmm! Deng Yu messaged me to get an appointment with you!"

" Tell him to meet me at 9! Why are you wearing the jacket in summer? It's so hot outside!".

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