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   Chapter 54 The Furious Kiss

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 8651

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Yun was angry at Zhen for insulting her before Jessica and she wanted to know about their relation!

" If he wanted to fuck her he can very well marry her and fuck her all day and night! Why the hell did he marry me? I was not his mistress and I don't want to be one! I just want to break this contract and escape from him! I have nothing left here! I lost my granny too and no one knows the pain I am enduring right now! I have no family left to love me and my so-called legal husband is sleeping with a bitch! My life sucks and I just wanted to end this stupid contract! He is so caring and gentle when it comes about the girl! Who is she? And why did he support her too much? She called me a bitch before him and he didn't react on that! He is cheating me!"

" No Yun he is not cheating you! He never confessed his feelings for you and how could you blame him since the love affair was only a one-sided one? he was damn sure that you will fall for him when he would ask you to marry him! You are a stupid girl Yun! He is actually taking his revenge on you for hitting him on his face! He is not in love with you and he married you because of his sympathy towards you!"

" he never loved you, Yun! It is just a game for him and please don't fall for him! You should ignore him too! He is in love with Jessica and you will get the permanent freedom either breaching the contract or completing 2 years! You can ignore him, Yun! "

She thought to herself.

" Are you out of your mind Yun?"

She came back to her senses when she heard someone yelling at her and she found Zhen talking to her.

" What?"

" Are you out of your mind?"

" What do you mean?"

" You were arguing with Jessica and you were hurting her! How could you misbehave with her? You didn't show any respect for her! She is my friend and I want you to duly respect her! Is that clear to you?"

"Yes, Sir!"

" Why did you come to meet me at my office?"

" I have prepared the powerpoint of the project and I just wanted to show them to you before presenting it before them!"

" But now I don't have enough time to do that since they have already reached here!"

The delegates have already reached the office and He sent his manager to receive them with Yun and she welcomed them by giving the beautiful flowers. They are three in numbers and the elder one is the former CEO of Gypia company and the second one is their Manager and the third one is the present CEO of Gypia Company and his name is Deng Yu. He is the youngest of all of them. He is a handsome man with dimples. He too has a perfectly

with Wang company. Zhen was happy to hear the news but something was hurting him so much that he gave them a plane smile. They bid bye to them and before leaving Deng Yu asked Yun's number and she gave it to him without a second thought.

Zhen decided to leave and he told his manager to drop Yun at her home and he took the other car to his office. On the way to his office, he got calls from Jessica but he ignored them.

The manager took her to the mansion and left at once. Yun could not understand her husband!

" He is not in love with me and he is already having an affair with Jessica. But why did he bother to see me with another man? I should be the one to warn him for sleeping with Jessica while he had signed the marriage agreement with me! I should be the one to tell at him for his extramarital affair. He is acting weird and I don't think that I can take it more! I just wanted to get away from him! I could not see him with another girl! He has no idea about the pain I am having right now! It was not a good thing to watch my husband caring and loving Jessica instead of me! He is supporting her even though he knew that she was wrong! He didn't say her a word when she called me a bitch before him! Yet he was angry at me for chatting with Deng Yu. I will do anything to end this contract! "

She thought to herself. She made some dinner for her and had it alone. She was all alone in that big house since the maid has gone to meet her parents. Yun finished her food and when she was about to leave the kitchen she heard the doorbells and she opened the door. She was shocked to see Zhen before the door and he got inside the house. She knew that he was drunk and she didn't want to argue with him.

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