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   Chapter 53 Are You Stalking Him

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 8637

Updated: 2019-08-10 19:25

Zhen woke up in the morning hearing his phone rings and he took the call!

" Yes, Sam!"

" The situation is under control, Sir! It was treated as an accident and everything is fine here! You don't need to come here!"

" Good Sam! I want someone to spy on Jessica! I need her every detail! Tell Henry to come here and he is going to be the new bodyguard of Yun!

" Ok, Sir!"

Zhen hung up the call and he couldn't find Yun anywhere he came down to ask his maid about Yun. He heard the breaking sounds from the kitchen and he literally ran to the kitchen. He was startled to see Yun inside the kitchen and she was preparing the breakfast! He liked the way she cooked the food and it smelled delicious! He moved closer to her and he scanned her body from top to toe. She is a gorgeous girl with a curvy body and he wanted to hug her and kiss her but he controlled his urge to touch her smooth skin!

" Why are you cooking the food? Where is the maid?"

" oh, It was you! she has gone to meet her parents! So I thought of cooking something for us!"

" Hmm! I can order it from outside! I don't want you to cook food for me!"

" it's ok I have not added any poison in your food! You can eat it without any tension!"

" no, it's not that! You are not feeling good and you are weak! I want you to take some rest!"

" No need of that! I am perfectly fine and I hope you are not taking the day off!"

" No, I need to go to my office to attend some urgent meeting with my investors!"

" Then what are you waiting for? Go and get ready! I will serve the food!"

" Ok!"

Yun cooked some porridge, bacon, fried eggs and vegetable salad for him. She made the soya bean milk for them. She placed everything on the table and when she was about to get the water she found Zhen coming down wearing his office attire! She stared at her husband for a while. He is a handsome man with a perfectly built body. His hazel brown eyes and the pointed nose are very beautiful. She came back to her senses when he asked her something!

" shall we have breakfast?"

" yes please!"

They started to have breakfast silently. Zhen knew that Yun was sad and heartbroken because of the death of her granny, but she was acting as a strong girl before him and he didn't say a word to her.

" Can I go to the office today?"

" what?"

" You have told me to get your permission for going out of your home and I was thinking about to resume my job today! Can I go?"

" Of course! But are you sure? I mean you are not feeling good and very weak. why can't you take some days off from wor

e wait too long! I couldn't bear the pain of losing you!!"

" Jessica please go with Sam now! We will talk about it later! I need to attend a meeting now! It's very important! I will come to meet you but now you please go with him!"

" ok! Bye Zhen!"

Jessica left with Sam and she was very angry at Yun for ruining her beautiful moment with Zhen! She wanted to do something and she asked Sam about Yun!

" Do you know anything about this new PA of Zhen?"

Sam startled to hear the question and he replied

" No! I don't know anything about her!"

" hmm she is such an irritating bitch an I hate her! His PAs are all a headache for me! Mili was furious and arrogant towards me but this one is so demanding and irritating! Every girl is after him and when will I get married to him? He is the only man of my dream and he is ignoring me! I am hurt, Sam! Could you please ask your boss to be gentle with me! I know that I am a demanding person and I have no other options rather than forcing him to marry me! I love him Sam and I have gone crazy for his love! I don't know why didn't your boss try to understand my feelings for him?"

" I don't know madam! We talk less! He orders me and I obey him! It's the relationship we are having! He won't take advice and suggestions from me! I am a third-class employee of him and he won't share such personal things with me! Sorry, madam!"

" It's ok!"

Jessica was mad at Sam too. She knew that Sam is very close to Zhen and yet he denied the truth. She was thinking about various plans to force him to marry her! She knew that Zhen's mom Sui Wang liked her and she was thinking about a plan to gain sympathy from her so that she will force her son to marry her!

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