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   Chapter 52 Where is my Granny

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7795

Updated: 2019-08-09 16:03

" Why did you beat me? Who are you? It's so dark here and I could not see your face! "

" Sam! Get in and bring the torches!"

" ok, sir!"

Sam brought the torches and a chair for Zhen to sit. Zhen sat before Cheng and smashed his face using his fist.

" please stop it! I can take it anymore!"

" she has also begged you to release her granny but you ignored her pleadings! Why should I spare you, Cheng? I don't like the people who hurt the innocent ones!"

" I won't hurt her! Please, I will do anything, Sir! Please don't call DD here! He will kill me!"

" You fool! You should take a look at him!"

Sam yelled at Cheng and Cheng began to raise his head up to see the man before him. He could clearly see those eyes and the smirk on his face too. He shook his head to get a clear picture of him and he found none other than DD standing before him! He began to choke heavily and he begged Zhen to spare his life!

" DD?!!! Is that really you?? Oh my God! I am finished! Please, I am sorry! I won't create any problems for her !please leave me! I won't hurt her and I will look after her like my own daughter please release me! Yun, please tell him to leave me! I am your uncle and I have helped you to grow up and it's your responsibility to help me back! Please tell him to leave me!"

Yun was startled to witness the whole event. She didn't know that Zhen has come to know about everything! She never wanted him to know the truth of her and she deliberately hid the truth! When he called her a gold digger and insulted her she endured the pain because she wanted him to hate her so much that he will withdraw the contract forever. But now everything has changed and she could not hide it anymore from him.

She was shocked to see the fear on her uncle's face! She has never seen him so much frightened ever in her life. She heard him whispering the name of DD but she could not understand it clearly. She saw him beating Cheng mercilessly and she was happy to see him hurt.

Zhen moved further towards him and he asked him

" Why do you want her to transfer the money?"

" It's not what you think! She gave me the money to invest in her dad's company! I had denied her from transferring the fund but she never listened to me! She won't listen to me! She wanted your money and nothing else! She is a gold d

un Yun I am talking to you!"

" my granny, she is dead! She was my only family and I lost her too! My parents died in a car accident and my granny took care of me! She has always helped me to overcome all my problems! He killed her for money! I have no one left in the world to love me and get loved by them. I don't want to live now!"

" shshshsh! Don't cry! I will take care of you! Come with me! We should leave now!"

" Granny knew that my mom did not die in the accident and she had escaped miraculously. Cheng knew about my mom and I wanted to know about her too. Did he kill her too?"

" Let me ask Sam! He will give us the details!"

" see Sam is calling !"

" Sir, Cheng is dead!"

" what? But how?"

" he tried to escape from us and he ran through the road and got hit by a car. He died on the spot itself !"

" oh, shit! We need to get more information from him! Sam! His death should be accidental death and I want you to collect the details of Yun's mother!"

" ok, sir!"

" What did he say?"

"Your uncle is dead! He has tried to escape from them and got hit by a car!"

" what? Oh no! What will I do now? My mother! My head is spinning!"

Yun fell on the ground unconsciously and Zhen took her in his arms!

He brought her in his car and they drove off to his mansion!

Zhen took her in bridal style and laid her down on the bed. She woke up after 2 hours and she found Zhen sleeping on the couch. She could not bear the pain of losing her granny. She cried her heart out and she finally slept on the ground!

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