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   Chapter 51 DD

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7497

Updated: 2019-08-08 23:26

" Do you wanna kill me, Yun! So sad!"

" I hate you! You had always tortured me but why do you want to kill me now?"

" That's a nice question! It's simple and I don't want to tell you the truth! Your parents were not killed in the accident! It's a long story but this is not the right time to tell you the story! We have a lot to discuss!"

" what do you mean! Spit out the truth! You better tell me the truth of parent's death! "

" Not now sweetheart! We businessmen values time and I don't have enough time to waste for you!"

" you dick head, you moron! Just leave me! I want my granny back! Where the hell did you keep her?"

" Do you want to meet your granny? I will let you meet her but not today dear! Today I have no mood to witness the meeting of granny and her granddaughter!"

" But why? Why are you not letting me see her? I am ready to give you the money and I have also arranged the job for your daughter but still, you are not ready to release her! What is your problem? Why do you want to torture us? She is your mother and I am your niece but you are behaving like a stranger to us! Please release her! She needs help and medicine!"

" Don't you dare to teach me you nasty cunt!! I have no interest to hear your advice! It's better for you to cooperate with my men so that the video should come good!"

" No, you can't do this to me you bastard!"

" I can do anything and you don't have the right to scrutinise my style of doing things! well, guys! Let's enjoy! She is all yours!"

"No no you can't do this to me! Release me! Please just leave me!"

Yun began to scream for help but no one tried to help her. All of them began to look at her lustfully! She was so scared but she was not ready to surrender before them! One of the men ran to her and the other began to shoot the video. The man who tried to kiss her got a kick on his groin and he knelt down on the floor with an excruciating pain under his legs. He was gasping for air and he finally laid on the floor unconsciously!

"you bitch how dare you to kick him!"

The other man caught her wrist and pulled her towards him. He caught her other hand too and caged her using his hands and legs. She bit his hands and when he pulled her hair, she

ainst you! Just leave from here and better you keep your mouth shut after going out!"

" You are thoroughly mistaken! I don't need your help to go out! But I will leave only with her!"

" You can't go out by breaking the security of my men!"

" hahaha! Such a funny warning!"

Chang Zhao didn't see his face since there was no electricity in the building other than some brightening lamps. He thought Zhen was a mad man who has gone crazy for Yun and Cheng didn't sense any danger in his presence!

"What do you mean?"

" My men had already surrounded the entire building and you people can't escape now!"

" What? Mike just check outside to see whether we are surrounded by his men or not!"

Mike checked outside via the window and he found the sniper team of DD.

" sir DD is here! I saw his gang outside!"

" What? What are you talking? Why did he come here?"

" I have no idea Sir! Sorry, sir! We are leaving now! We don't want to irritate him more. Bye!"

" are you guys leaving me here all alone?"

" yeah, sir! We have no other options left! "

His men began to leave the building one by one and finally, Cheng Zhao was left alone with them.

" you cunt what have you done now? Why did you call DD here? He is not going to leave me! What will I do now!"

" just pray!"

Zhen moved towards him and punched hard on his face. Blood began to ooze out from his mouth! Cheng Zhao saw the man before him and he was terribly worried.

" Why do you beat me? I

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