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   Chapter 50 She was Trapped

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 8487

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Zhen was amazed to see the sudden happiness of her! He was hurt to know that she was also a gold digger like other girls!

" Why are you so happy? It's just a two billion dollars, not a big deal!"

" It means a lot to me, Zhen! You don't have any idea how much you have helped me by transferring the fund to my account!"

" whatever! What's your plan now? You got your money and you also got the job for your cousin! I mean all of your demands got served and I guess now it's my turn!"

" yeah! you should think about it now and let me know in the morning! It's already getting late and I hope you will tell your driver to drop me at my place! "

" of course, but I want you to familiarise the conditions of our marriage! It's better to know to familiarise them since you are going to live accordingly!"

" But it's already getting late and I don't think that I can stay here anymore!"

" You have to Yun! As per the contract, my wife should stay in the Wang mansion and she can't go out without my permission!"

" What?? But why do I need to stay here? It's just a contract marriage and we are not in love! So why do we need to stay together?"

" You are mistaken, dear! I won't stay with you! Nobody knows that this mansion is owned by me and I want you to keep the secret too! Tell everyone that you have rented this mansion and the owner is a distant relative of yours! But don't you dare to reveal the truth before anyone!"

" Do I really need to stay here?"

" Yes! Because you have no other choices left!and you are not allowed to bring your friends here especially boys are not allowed inside the compound!"

" That is gross! I have so many friends and how can I leave them for you?"

" You have to because I was the one who had given you 2 billion dollars, not your friends! and now it's your turn to obey the conditions!"

" ok done! I will stay here but just give me some time to shift here! Can I go now?"

" Nope! I have not yet finished!"

" oh God! You are unbelievable! Just go on!"

" Keep our marriage as a secret and don't let anyone know it even though we are legally married! I won't stay here but I will try to come here regularly! "

" hmmm! You don't have to come daily! I don't know why do you want to marry me when You are in love with someone else! It's like you are asking me to be your mistress! I have accepted my fate even though it's heartbreaking! Ok, Can I leave now?"

" Nope, you are not my mistress and that was why I have legally married you! Peter will bring your thi

The building was used by some drug mafia and Cheng Zhao was involved with them. He knew that Yun would give him the money because of her connection with Zhen. He wanted to get her alone and torture her till he gets what he wanted from them! He knew that Zhen has a crush on Yun and he wanted to exploit it! He is ready to spend the money on her!"

He asked his men to catch her and rape her! He also instructed them to take the video footage of their sex so that he can blackmail her using it. She will give him anything for not circulating the videos on the internet! He had already reached the gas station before her and he was explaining his men about his plan.

When he realised that Yun is trying to leave the place he ordered his men to block her from leaving and also asked them to drag her all the way to the building for the execution of his plan. They dragged her and threw her before him.

Yun lifted her head up and she saw Cheng Zhao before her.

" You bloody! Where the hell did you keep my granny? You better give her to me!"

" shhh! Don't talk! I have told you to transfer the money! But you didn't listen to me! And I have changed my plan too!"

" you are not going to get anything from me! Leave me alone! Tell them to release me!"

" they won't leave you, dear. They are waiting to taste you!"

" What are you talking?"

" They will rape you mercilessly and they will also record the sex video. We will send the video to your lover and to your friends and family too! Oh my, God, the scandal is going to be big and you are going to be the famous slut! Isn't it a nice plan dear?"

" You scoundrel! You cheat I am not going to spare you! "

" hahaha!"

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