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   Chapter 49 The Marriage Contract

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7884

Updated: 2019-08-06 23:49

Yun was waiting for the driver to come. She knew that Zhen is going to make some terrific deal with her. But she didn't want her granny's death because of her wrong decision! The driver reached her apartment within 20 minutes. He rang the doorbell of her apartment and Yun opened the door to leave with him. There was a black Bugatti car parked on the street and the driver opened the door for her! She gasped in disappointment and got inside the car!

The driver took her directly to the Wang mansion which was built by Zhen Wang. He is actually living in another mansion which was gifted by his dad on his 28 the birthday. The wang mansion was his dream house and he used to visit there when he was too much happy or sad. No one knows that it was owned by him and he kept it as a secret. The house is actually a sort of hiding place of Zhen and he liked it's surroundings too.

When he realised that Yun had a hobby of gardening, he had imported the best and beautiful plants from all over the world to create a beautiful garden in its backyard. A fountain was also built in the middle of the garden and an artificial lake was also set up to create a natural look to the garden. There were two gardeners to take care of the garden. He had also made a canopy of Jasmine too. The whole garden looked so amazingly beautiful with an innumerate number of birds and butterflies.

He has gone to the Wang mansion to get relief from the recent incidents happened to him! He took a cold bath and had his drinks. He was frustrated and denied the calls from Jessica. Zhen knew that Jessica was a leech but he could not hurt her. He wanted to explain everything to Yun so he offered the lift to her. But she has acted rudely towards him she was so stubborn that she didn't bother to ask him about the kiss! She has also confessed to him that she was not in love with him and she would like to end all the relationship with him which made him lose his coolness and calmness towards her. He was irritated and frustrated and he really wanted to fuck her till she realises his love for her. But he knew that nothing is going to change their relationship since she was so adamant about her decision to leave him! And he too decided to end the relationship once and forever!

His mother wanted him to marry Jessica but his sister didn't like her. Jessica would not skip a

her demands. When he found her sitting on the floor with a blank face. He approached her and asked her

" Are you fine Yun? Why do you sit here? I will call the driver and ask him to drop you!"

" I am ready to sign the contract sir! Just give me those papers and I will sign them!"

" Are you sure Yun?"

"yes, sir!"

Because you can not back out from the decision once you signed them!"

" I know sir!"

" ok, but before going to sign the documents I want you to read them for once!"

" I don't need to Sir!"

" But at least you should know the conditions!"

" I don't care! I am already dead and I don't think that the living dead needs to know the conditions!"

" whatever! I will read to you some important points and you need to take care of me while you start living with me! "

" ok!"

" But please just give me the money now!"

" ok give me your account details!"

" ok but please send the money to my uncle's account!"

" ok!"

But before signing the documents just listen to the conditions! I wanted to make sure that you really wanted to marry me or not!"

" yes! I am ready to marry you!"

" I want you to read the conditions so that you will come to know about the same!"

Zhen took the papers from his study and extended the papers towards her! She signed them without a single thought and begged him to transfer the money to her at the earliest. Then he messaged the HR manager to arrange a job for Feng Zhao!"

Yun was so damn happy and she was very thankful to Zhen! She bowed before Zhen to convey her gratitude!

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