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   Chapter 48 Granny Is In Trouble

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 8025

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" Hey Liya! I think Lin didn't like me at all! He was looking at me as if I am criminal!"

" just ignore him! Sometimes he behaves like an alien! He is born and brought in New York and he didn't have too many friends here! We used to take him with us!"

" ohh! I hope he us not dangerous to handle!"

" No, he is not! Please don't try to mess with him! He didn't like gurks around him!"

" Ok! But he us a peculiar one!"

They resumed their duties and Liya helped Yun to finish her work before the office hours and Yun was very thankful to her! But unfortunately Zhen dumped more work on her and she was damn sure that she won't be able to leave the office with Liya. She was exhausted and sleepy. She just wants to leave the office and sleep at her home.

It was 5 in the evening and Liya left the office after bidding bye to Yun! Yun has finally finished drafting the letters to different investors for inviting them to attend the party organised by Zhen at the Eminent hall owned by the Wang family! She has completed the work only at 7 and she knew that she must be the only staff leaving late from the office. She closed her laptop and bagged her phone and iPad. It was already late and she almost ran out of her cabin to catch her last bus but she was pulled by two strong arms towards his chest. Yun was startled and she began to scream but Zhen covered her face and dragged her to his cabin. When he reached his cabin with her He released her and Yun stayed away from him.

" Come with me! I need to talk to you!"

" ok! Even I need to talk to you But please don't touch me again!"

" hmmm! What?"

" Yes, you heard me right! Don't touch me without my permission!"

" hmmm!"

Zhen smirked at her with his usual grin!

Yun left the office and waited for Zhen in the parking lot. He finally came there and asked her to sit beside him. She obeyed him and they drove off to her apartment. Zhen found her silent and calm, but he was struggling to eject the pain out of his heart so he pulled the car near to a park.

" Why did you come to my office without knocking?"

" Sir, I have already told you it was a mistake!"

" Yun!!I am serious! Why were you in a hurry that you literally barged in my office?"

" oh! It's because I heard the news of the sad demise of Mili from Liya and I was shocked and worried. Hence I wanted to ask you about her death!"

" hmmm! Don't

ill cut her medicine and doctors! Is that ok with you?"

" no no please don't do that! What do you want me to do now? I need time to get the miney!"

" That was a nice question! Ok, I want you to arrange a job for Feng in your office so that she will get a chance to meet your boss daily!"

" what? That's impossible! "

" oh is it? Then forget about your granny. It's impossible for me to provide her food and medicines!"

" Please, I beg you! Don't do that! Let me ask my boss about it!"

" I need an answer Yun! I don't need to hear the possibilities of getting the job! I just want to hear a yes or no!"

" ok let me talk to my boss and I will call you!"

" Deal! I will wait but don't make me wait too long!

Yun could not believe her fate. She was forced to beg the man who had cheated her! She didn't want to beg to him but her granny is her only family and she didn't want to miss her granny. So she called Zhen without a second thought!

He took her call in the first ring!

" Yes, Yun! Why did you call me?"

" I need a favour from you! Canyoupleasegive mycousinajobinyouroffice?"

" what? Can you tell it slowly?"

" sorry! Can you give my cousin a job in your office?"

" ho!! You need the favour right?"

" yes, Sir!"

" But I need to discuss it with you! I will send my man there and come with him to my home!"

" But we can discuss it via phone also! Please, sir!"

" no Yun I wanted to discuss it in person and I want you to come here!"

" But sir!"

" Just tell me if I send my driver there or not?"

" ok! I will come with him!"

" ok! "

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