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   Chapter 47 Jessica Is Back

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 8496

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Zhen was walking through his office restlessly! He wanted to tell Yun everything about Jessica but he didn't want to break his heart by loving her too much. He wanted Yun as his girlfriend without hurting Jessica and he was confused to make a proper decision without hurting anyone. Zhen scratched his head irritatedly. He had never experienced such a complex situation before where he would get perplexed to finalise the decision. Finally, he decided to call Yun and to explain her everything happened between them!

Yun was going through Zhen's schedules and Liya clearly told her about prioritising the tasks and rescheduling the list. She wanted to check some previous cases to get the track of it and she took the print out of his previous schedules to know how did he change his schedules according to his priorities. She has checked everything and she realised that he had asked his assistants to set a high priority to Jessica.

The name sounds familiar to her because he had mentioned the name before and she was damn sure that Zhen is having an affair with this girl and he had clearly informed her that their relationship should be kept as a secret in office. But he didn't have any guilty feeling to kiss the girl in his office which means She is very special to him and he had ignored his rules for her!

" oh my God! He is not in love with me! He has done all these favours to me for sleeping with him! I believed him and I loved him. How can I be such a dumb ass to believe a playboy like him? He used me and when he was forced to reveal our relationship before Feng and her friends, he lied to them that we were in a relationship. I never forced him to lie them? He betrayed me! He betrayed my trust and love! How could he torture me like this? I loved him and I never loved him because of his wealth. He is a mean and a selfish brat who is nothing but a womaniser. I believed him and I gave him the chance to date me! I was in madly love with him! Oh God! why did it always happen to me? I didn't hurt anyone and I didn't cheat anyone! But still, it is happening to me! I can't take it anymore! Oh God please give me enough strength to endure the pain and hurt. Be with me! "

Yun thought to herself and she saw Liya barging to her cabin with a serious look on her face and Yun suddenly wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled at Liya.

" Yun! Sir is calling you! Why didn't you attend the intercom? He is actually mad and please make it fast! Otherwise, he will be angry at everyone! What are you waiting for? Go and me

hinking about a business a deal!"

" Zhen! You are an unbelievable! I asked you to take me out to have lunch and you didn't hear a single thing! You are pathetic! Come let's leave!"

Yun held his hands and they left his office. Yun saw them leaving together and she found Zhen smiling at Jessica and Jessica was hugging him. She averted her eyes from them. She wanted to forget everything. She was very sad and she didn't feel like to have her lunch! But Liya came there to take her to the office cafeteria which was on the topmost floor. They got inside the cafeteria and Liya dragged her to a bunch of people sitting in the left-most corner of the cafeteria.

" hey, guys! Meet the new PA! Yun Zhao!!"

" Yun! Meet my friends! But I am not going to tell their names! You can't remember them! Try to figure out it by yourself!"

" ok! No issues!"

" shall I join you?"

" of course! Come let's dig in!"

" They started to share their food with her and she was relieved to spend time with them! She laughed with them and shared her story! Everyone welcomed her with a warm smile but one of them was staring at her rudely and Yun felt very uncomfortable to sit with him. Liya also noted the rudeness in his face!

" Hey, Lin why are you looking her so rudely? Are you ok?"

" rudely at her? What? No no, I was thinking about something else! I am sorry Yun!"

" it's ok! "

" ok friends! Let's go, Yun! We should be back before him!"

" ok! Bye guys! It was nice to meet you all! Thank you so much for the treat!"

Lin took a photo of her and Yun knew that he clicked her photo but she was not sure about it and she didn't want to fight with him. So she left with Liya.

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