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   Chapter 46 ” Mom I want Him!”

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 8206

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"ok, Sir!"

She left the office to meet the staff who was assigned the job to help Yun with her new job.

She was walking through the corridor thinking about Zhen's odd behaviour. Sometimes he will love her like no one in the world but sometimes he will behave like a stranger to her and she was really confused to go on with the option of dating him. She knew that love is unconditional but Zhen has always some conditions to love her and she was really irritated. She needs a break to forget all these unhappy things. She missed her granny too much and she wanted to see her because her granny was the only one left on earth to hear her sorrows.

" You must be Yun Zhao? Right?"

" Yes!"

Yun came out of her trance when a lady around the age of 25 called her

" I am Liya, and Sir told me to assist you!"

"oh yeah, I am Yun Zhao."

" I know! Come with me! I will show you the cabin!"

" thank you!"

" How did you manage to get this job? I mean Sir has not informed us anything about the vacancy and Mili's death was a shock to us!"

" what? Mili is dead? But how did she die? She was alright!"

" yes, she was! She fell down from a building and died. You are appointed to her place and you didn't know anything about it! So strange!"

" oh my God! It's so sad!"

" yes, it's! By the way. This is your cabin and you can call me at any time! Please check your cabin! Sir has told me to give you a new iPhone and iPad. I have already kept them in the table. You can cross-check them!"

" ok! Thank you so much Liya!"

" ok! Bye Yun!"

Yun was very sad and she could not even breath properly. She didn't know that Mili lost her life because of her. She was very sad and annoyed. Zhen told her that Mili has escaped from there and she has gone to Europe. Yun believed him but she never dreamt that Zhen will hide the truth from her. She wanted to meet him and ask him about it so she went to his office without thinking much.

She opened the door without asking for his permission. when she opened the door she saw a girl sitting on his lap and he was kissing her as his life depended on her. Yun was shocked to see them and she just dropped the file on the floor. Zhen saw Yun watching them with teary-eyes and he was frozen to his place. The girl held his face towards her to get the access to his mouth but she could not hold him towards her since his full focus was on Yun. Then the girl tilted her head towards the door a

sire to marry him at any cost. We have warned you many times but you were too stubborn to marry him."

" I know it's my fault but I don't want a loser like him! I need Zhen. Please, Dad, do something and make him love me!"

" Ping! Is your daughter crazy? She is asking me to trap Zhen too! Do you have any idea about him? He is a very dangerous man! Please don't mess with him! It's better for us to stay away from them!"

" Daddy, please! I need him!"

" you are insane! And I don't want to deal with you now! "

Cheng Zhao left his daughter with his wife and left to his room!

" Mom! Please Mom! I need him! I don't have anyone else to ask help! Please, Mom!"

" Hey, Feng! Don't cry, everything is going to be ok! I will help you but just give me some time! Let me have a talk with her!"

" Mom she has changed a lot and she is not going to listen to you! And this Zhen is in real love with her! I want to break their relationship and make him mine! I will do anything for him! He is mine and I will make him mine!"

" what about your husband Feng? Do you think that he is going to give you the divorce?"

" obviously Mom, he didn't like me at all and we are struggling to continue as husband and wife! I need a break and I need him out of my life! Zhen is the most handsome man in the world and he is too rich! Even if I spent billions daily for shopping his network won't get affected by it. His profit and turnover are increasing in each second of the day and I really don't want to miss this guy!"

" hmmm! Let me see!"

Ping had consoled her daughter and promised her that she will help her to get him.

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