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   Chapter 45 She Is Mine

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 8144

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" What? But she was dating On Xi? And you must be Zhen Wang! the CEO of Wang group right?"

" Yes, but Yun is not in a relationship with On Xi! She is all mine!"

Zhen looked at Yun with a smile on his face. She knew that he was telling the truth to her and she too smiled at him. Feng could not believe her sister's luck. When she found Yun was in love with Xi, she has trapped him to marry her. But this time Yun is in love with Zhen Wang, the wealthiest and powerful man of China. She didn't want Yun to get a good and peaceful life with Yun. She wanted Zhen to leave her sister once and forever. She couldn't watch his care and love for Yun. Feng clenched her hands into a fist under the table and rolled her eyes at them with a great jealousy.

" Sister! Please introduce him to us! We were actually waiting to know about him!"

" What? Well!' He is my boss and we are in a relationship!"

" Wow, that's so nice! You two look great together!"

" Thank you! What is your name?"

" I am Mia! Yun's friend!"

" And I am Sia, Yun's friend and this is Pao, she is also Yun's friend!"

Feng was shocked to hear the response from her friends. They knew that Feng hated Yun always and when they had introduced themselves as Yun's friend instead of Feng's, it infuriated her further making her hitting the table with her hands.

" What did happen? Why did you hit the table? Are you fine?"

" Yeah I am fine and I am really sorry, I lost the game I was playing on my mobile!"

Her friends didn't speak a word and they kept their head down to avoid the furious look of Feng.

" who is this lady?"

" She is Feng Zhao! My sister!"

Yun introduced Feng to him and Zhen curiously watched her! He knew that Feng hated Yun and her family has always tortured her.

" Have you order anything? "

" Yes, but Yun didn't order anything for her! We had asked her to order something for her too but she denied!

" Are you going to eat the dishes you have ordered for me Yun?

" Can I?"

" Of course and thank you so much for waiting here patiently!"

The waiter has delivered the food to them and They began to have them. Zhen carefully fed the food into Yun's mouth and she was embarrassed to have it before them. Feng couldn't watch it anymore and she just wanted to leave the place at once. She knew that her friends were not going to come with her so she stayed there. It was then Xi came there looking for his wif

am perfectly fine and I will join tomorrow itself!"

" goodnight!"

Zhen didn't want to leave Yun there but he knows that Yun will not let him stay there so he went back to his mansion.

Zhen couldn't identify his feelings for her. Whenever he saw any man watching her, he will lose his coolness and he will treat her like his wife and whenever she stayed with him, his brain will ask him to stay away from her. He was getting mad thinking about Yun and he finally slept.

Yun woke up early in the morning and she was very excited to join the new company and she has reached there before time. She went directly to the HR and she waited there for 2 hours in order to get the job profile for her. Finally, they had released the news that she was selected as the PA of Zhen. Yun was startled to hear their result because she wanted to join with the finance team for her career but he has chosen the PA post for her. Yun was very sad but she didn't show it to them. . She walked towards his office and used his personal lift to go up. Even though she has reached there on time, she was asked to meet her boss. Yun got inside his room and he asked her to take the seat before him.

He was only looking at her and he was trying hard to avert his eyes from her.

" Hi! How do you feel now?"

" fine thanks!"

" My staff will give you the job description and I hope you are ok with the salary. You should accompany me for every foreign trip and domestic meetings too. One more thing! This is an office and I want you to be my PA! No romance is permitted inside the office and I want you to follow these guidelines."

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