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   Chapter 44 The Couple’s Love Restaurant

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7740

Updated: 2019-08-03 09:32

" Did you come here with your husband? Oh, finally we can have a family dinner without our parents, right sister?"

Yun raised her head up to see the person sitting before her and she saw none other than the worst nightmare of her life Feng Zhao!

" Are you talking to me?"

" Of course Sister! On Xi must be rich enough to provide you these facilities. Look, a charity case like you got the chance to dine on the luxurious floor of the couple's love restaurant! You should be thankful to my father for this! By the way, where is your husband? Ops I am sorry you guys have not yet married yet. Are you living together with him?"

"NO. I came here to attend a meeting with my boss but unfortunately, they have cancelled the meeting due to some emergencies."

" Your boss? Have you started to work? It must be some silly companies and my husband has the capability to purchase dozens of such companies! But he is already having too much to handle and he prefers me to his job. I am so lucky to get him."

" Yes, you are! And please don't irritate him too much to leave you! He is a nice person and I think he deserves better and please take good care of him!"

" What the hell? Still in love with my husband? Are you not ashamed to love him? You are such a disgraceful piece of shit!"

" Hold your tongue little sister! This is not your home to argue with me! Don't spoil your husband's name before the entire crowd! Try to be reasonable and show some manners!"

" What the fuck? You are teaching me about being respectful around the people? Oh my God, what a day man?"

" whatever! Take it as a warning! Don't stress him too much to leave you forever!"

"what? Are you trying to say that Xi will leave me?"

" Not now but he will definitely leave you once he realises your true self. So try to save your relationship rather than irritating people by bragging too much!"

"You butch! How could you be so mean to me? I just hate you! Show some courtesy to me because it was my parents who had brought you up! Don't forget it!"

" Whatever!"

Feng was burning with anger and she really wanted to teach Yun a lesson so she texted her friends to come over there!

" Hey girls!! Over here! Come here we can join her! She won't feel bad since she is my sister! "

Feng called her friends who wer


" Hey, Yun! How much salary does he pay you for a single escort? "

" May I have the privilege to tell you about it?"

Everyone in the room started to look towards the man who was standing behind Yun gloriously. Hus sound was so powerful that all of them were staring at him without blinking their eyes. Feng became speechless to see the most handsome man in the world. She has seen so many pictures of him in the magazines and she knew that he is a billionaire. She has engulfed the lump formed inside her mouth and she scanned his whole body. He is such a handsome man with a perfectly built body.

He took the seat near to Yun and smiled at her. Zhen found the stains of tears on her face and he was hurt to see her in pain. He caught her chin and pulled her towards him.

" Hey, Are you ok? Why are you so sad? Are you angry at me? I am sorry! It was Sam and he was in some kind of emergency!"

" it's fine! You don't have to explain to me, I know that you are very busy and yet you managed to give me some time!"

Zhen held her hand towards him and kissed on it gently.

Feng and her friends were watching him admiringly. They wanted to draw his attention towards them especially Feng wanted him to look at her. But Zhen was least interested to spare his glance at them. Feng was angry at her sister for keeping him busy with her. They were jealous of her because he was giving her his full attention without even bothered to look at them.

" Excuse me, Sir? Are you the boss of Yun? "

" No, she is my girlfriend!"

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