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   Chapter 43 A Good Night’s Sleep

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7963

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It was already 8 in the morning and both of them were still sleeping. Yun cuddled close to him dipping her head on his chest. Zhen woke up hearing his phone rings and he was mesmerised in the beauty of Yun's angelic face. She was sleeping soundly and he liked the way she slept. He kissed her forehead gently and tucked the hair from her face.He slowly removed his hands from her waist and got up to do his daily routine. He never had a sound sleep like yesterday and he knew that it was because of her. Whenever he saw her smiling at him, it would lighten the heaviness of his mind and he felt relaxed watching her angelic face. She is a gorgeous girl with a beautiful and innocent mind and his heart goes crazy for her.

Zhen got dressed in his office attire and he left to office leaving a note to her.

Yun woke up at 3 pm and when she opened her eyes, she saw no one near her and she knew that Zhen had already left to his office.

" oh shit! He told me to join today and how can I forget it? I was such a dump! I have slept too long and I won't be able to face him. I am such a loser!"

Yun got up from the bed and she used his bathroom to get freshen up and she laid down in his jacuzzi filled with lukewarm water and she felt relieved and refreshed. The punch Mark on her tummy has faded to some extent and the pain killer had reduced her pain significantly. She covered her whole body with the bathrobe which she has found on the cupboard. She came back to his room and she saw the maid standing there with a tray of food. She heard the alarm signals of her tummy telling her to eat food since she had not had anything from yesterday.

" You can place it there! Why are you holding it? I am sorry I didn't see you and I was taking the bath!"

" it's ok madam! Sir has told me to take good care of you! Please take enough rest! I have kept a pair of dress for you in the closet and I hope you like it, Sir told me to get it urgently and I have little taste in selecting them!"

" Thank you and it's ok? I am sorry I didn't ask your name? What is your name?"

" it's Sui!but you can call me Maid!"

" How can I call you that? It's your job, not your name! I will call you Sui! Can I call you that?"

" As you wish madam!"

" Sui, can I get a glass of water please? I am starving and I will be leaving after having the tasty food!"

" ok, Madam!"

" Please

She is very conservative and she won't talk too much! But how do you manage to get the details from her?"

" She is a talkative person and you are telling me that she is conservative and reserved! I think you are mistaken! She is such a nice lady and she loved you like her own child."

" Hmm! How did you manage to make her talk? My ex and Jessica never liked her and always asked me to replace her with someone else!"

" I don't think so! Well..who is this Jessica? "

" ho, she is just my friend!"

" ok! "

" Yun, I have an urgent call to attend. I will join you after finishing my business with him. Can you stay here alone for a while?"

" Yes! Take your own time! I will wait here!"

Zhen got out of the room to attend the call and he was really impressed in her attitude. Normally his girlfriends used to argue with him for making them wait in the restaurant rather than spending time with them but she has not complained him and she even asked him to take enough time to complete his work! But his brain was telling something else.

" she must be enjoying my absence for flirting with other boys! How can I believe her?"

Zhen took the call and it was from Sam.

" Sir! We have cleared all the building and her body is handed over to her family. It is reported as a suicide and Madam's name won't come in any news. The news of her death is not leaked to the media. Everything is under control."

" fine!"

Yun was playing with her mobile and someone came over there to sit before her. Yun didn't notice the person. But she was looking at her furiously.

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