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   Chapter 42 The happy ending

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 8015

Updated: 2019-07-31 22:14

" Mili! She is not selfish like you!"

" No no, it's not the actual reason for you to chose her over me! I think you loved her because of her body!"

"What the hell?"

Mili moved further to Yun and pointed the gun at her head. Then she began to tear her dress apart but Zhen could not stop her from hurting Yun.

" please Mili! Stop it! What are you doing? Just leave me! Stop your craziness!! Why are you undressing me?"

Mili ignored her screams and she continued the process of undressing Yun until Yun left with her undergarments! She was wearing a bra and knee-length shorts.

" she is having more curves in her body than me! Right? You loved her body Zhen and do you know something? Sluts like her can easily cheat on you without a second thought, Never ever believe such mean girl like her! "

" If she wanted to cheat me let her do that Mili! I don't mind it as long as she is with me!"

" Ho! You are insane! I won't let you live peacefully with her Zhen!"

Mili began to press the trigger of the gun but she got shot by Sam on her hand and she just dropped the gun on the floor!

Zhen rushed to Yun and he covered her using his blazer! Yun hugged him tightly and she pressed her face on his chest! She was frightened to death and Zhen could feel her whole body trembling due to fear!

" shshsh!!! it's ok! Everything is under control now! Don't worry! No one is going to hurt you! Sam got inside the room and he found Mili laying on the floor. He began to tie her up using a rope but she kicked his groin and pushed Zhen away. Mili got out of the room and she ran to the balcony to find a way to escape but when she heard the gunshot she lost her balance and fell on the ground by hitting her head on the slab! She screamed in pain and she died at once.

Zhen told Sam to handle it and he left the place with Yun. He held her towards his chest and made her sit in the car! She was exhausted and she could barely talk. Zhen drove off the car to his mansion and when he reached there he found Yun already sleeping in the car. He didn't want to disturb her sleep and he took her in his arms and laid her down on his bed. She was sleeping like a baby and he began to check her whole body for any wounds. He removed his blazer from her and he found a lush Mark on her stomach. He touched it gently to check it's severeness. Yun woke up from her sleep due to the pain from her

call me on this number? Can't you understand a single thing? Zhen can trace you very well and he must be looking for you! Thank God you guys were able to escape from his office on that day! I have already given the payment to you! Now just please stop calling me in my personal number! Call my PA !"

Xi dropped the call angrily and he checked the documents for transferring the ownership of his company's shares to Zhen. He didn't want to transfer them but he has no other go. The project was his biggest dream and he really wanted it and without Zhen's help, his company won't be able to bag the project since they have to invest a lump sum for that deal. He wanted to make the documents perfect with no loopholes.

" Honey!! Why are you so busy now? I am getting bored here! Can you please take me out?"

" Not now Feng! Can't you see I am working on my new project and I won't be able to take you out for a couple of days! "

" what? But you promised me dinner tonight! Please, it will take hardly Three hours! We can come back quickly! Please please!"

" Ok, but not today! Make it on tomorrow !"

"OK, Hope you won't change it!"

Feng went back to their room to sleep and Xi continued to do his remaining work. It took around 2 more hours for him to finish all the documents and he was very exhausted. He decided to sleep on his chair and he remembered Yun's face. She had always supported him during his tough times and she too helped him by doing half of his work. But now everything has changed so drastically that he started to hate himself for ditching Yun out of his life.

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