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   Chapter 41 Can He Save Her

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7922

Updated: 2019-07-30 13:06

" Please, Mili just leave me! Just listen to me! I don't know why are you doing this to me! You can't force someone to love you! Love just happens! I too love him Mili, but when I thought you guys were in love I have flushed out my feelings for him. I respected your relationship and I have tried to stay away from him. But he has confessed his feelings for me and I have also asked him about you but he never loved you Mili, it was your misunderstanding! You are like a sister to him and please try to understand the reality! Why are you doing such stupid things? Do you think that you can make him love you? How can he love you when you are convicted for my murder? Are you insane Mili? Have you lost it? Just think about it Mili!"

" Wow! You are pretty much convincing but sorry Yun! I will definitely kill you! Do you think that I will get arrested by the police for murdering you? You are completely mistaken? What do you think James?"

" Yes madam! She didn't know anything about you! She is such an innocent girl! She must be virgin too! Can I fuck her Madam? You are going to kill her soon! Why can't you spare her to us for some time so that we will have fun by fucking her one by one! She is such a gorgeous girl and we would like to get the privilege to fuck her, after all, we have helped you!"

" Of course guys! she isn't a virgin and she is a well experienced one! But still, you can fuck her whole night!"

" Mili! Please just leave me! Why are you acting so cruel to me? Please don't give me to them! I beg you Mili!"

" it's of no use sweetheart! It's already fixed! And these are my men and they are very good people Yun, even though they are gangsters!"

" Do you know something? Zhen didn't love you because you are so mean! No one can love you because of your selfishness! You have become so low to involve these men against us! I pity you Mili! You need a psychiatrist!"

" You bitch!!!! How are you talk back to me?"

Mili rushed to her and punched her stomach with all her force. The punch was so powerful that Yun knelt down rubbing her stomach and she was screaming in pain.

" Please stop it Mili! I can't take it anymore! Please, Mili!"

Yun cried her heart out and she began to lose her consciousness and she finally fainted on the floor!

"Hey Madam, don't hurt her! We need her and you promised that you are going to giv

ou later! Now just stay safe here and hold this gun with you!"

" Gun! No no please keep it away! I don't want them near me!"

" ok can you wait here for me?"

" Ok, but take care of yourself!"

Zhen got out of the room in the search of Mili and he did not find anyone there. He called Sam and other men to take the wounded men with them. Zhen checked whole the rooms on the floor but he could find the trace of her! Then he heard the screams of Yun. He ran to the room where he found Yun under the custody of Mili.

" Hey! It's you, Zhen! Did you come here to get your lover back? Wow! What an amazing love story? But I am very sorry Zhen I won't be able to leave your girl alive! Your love story is going to end soon!"

" what the fuck? You bitch leave her alone! I don't want you to hurt her! Keep your filthy hands away from my girl!"

" Why Zhen? Why didn't you love me? I have sacrificed everything for you! I have ditched my boyfriend and aborted my child for you! But still, you love Yun! I have loved you more than anything in the world. But you didn't try to realise my feelings for you! I have kept every girl away from you including the slutty Jessica. But you have managed to get this new girl and you fell in love with her ignoring me! How could you do it? I was the one worthy enough to get loved by you not this stupid bitch!"

" Mili! You can't force me to love you! It's my choice and my decision to chose my life partner! You can not force me!"

" Yeah I know I can't force you! But just tell me, Zhen, what did make you chose her over me?"

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