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   Chapter 40 It Was a Trap

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7912

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" But Sir I think she is after Yun! When Sam told me the incident happened in the hospital I was damn sure that she is actually after Yun! Being the daughter of a gangster, it was not difficult for her to kill people. She had been witnessed so many murders before her and her heart had become like an iron! She doesn't have any sympathy towards others! if she had a soft spot in her heart she would have definitely saved her unborn child from committing an abortion. She is very dangerous and I don't think that we can deal with her easily!"

" why can't I? I can very well teach her the lesson! I just don't care whether she belonged to a nun family or gangster one! She had tried to ruin my relationship with Yun and she is going to pay for that! I won't spare her!"

" Sir, please don't take any decision now! You don't have any idea about her strategies! So I think it is better to wait till she reacts to us!"

" hmmm but she is not a threat to me! She is after Yun and I should have told her about Mili! How could I be so stupid? I think it's better to inform Yun about Mili!"

Zhen took his phone and tried to call Yun but her calls directly redirected to the voice mail. So he left a message to her!

" Did you call her Sir?"

" she is not picking up the calls! I think she must be sleeping, it's already late!"

" Sir, Can you send someone over there to check whether she is ok or not?"

" But why do you want me to send someone there? Is there any problem? Tell me what the hell is going on?"

" Hey, it's ok sir! You don't need to worry about her. We are with you! Mili is abnormal and she can go to any extent to claim you her's. Yun is her biggest enemy so obviously, she is going to kill her in the night itself! Only you can save her from Mili!"

" what? Oh my God! I don't want her to hurt my girl! Come Let's check her home! "

When left with Sam to her apartment.

Yun got inside her home after bidding bye to Zhen! She was happy to give him a chance! She knew that he was caring and loving! When he confessed to her that he had no feelings for Mili she was overjoyed! she wanted to know him more. She was in love with him. She touched her lips and remembered their intimate moment! His kiss was magical and she can still feel the tickling sensation on her lips! She wanted to hug him and kiss him the whole day and night! She loved

s heavily beaten and tied up here! Please tell them to release him. "

" James! Can you show her Zhen?"

" hahaha! We don't have him here! He must be sleeping in his house! How can I show him?"

"What? What are you saying? Mili please tell me? What is going on here?"

" hmmm! Ok, I will explain! These are my men and we have trapped you here!"

" what? I can't believe you! Why did you do that? I didn't hurt you Mili! Why are you doing this to me?"

" Why did you love my man? I have told you clearly that he belonged to me and we are in love! But you didn't care about it and you left with him leaving me alone in the hospital!"

" what are you saying? I didn't love your man! Zhen proposed me and I gave him a chance to date! If he was in love with you why would he propose me?"

" what the fuck? You bitch! He proposed to you! How can he do that? He was in love with me and how can he let go of it? It was because of you! You had seduced him! You are the one who had ruined my love life! I won't spare you, Yun!"

" listen Mili! You are mistaken! I didn't seduce him! You can ask him! I didn't do anything to ruin your love! It was your misunderstanding Mili! Zhen told me that you are like a sister to him!"

" You bitch! How dare you? How dare you call me his sister! Max tie her here!"

" what? No no please Mili! Don't do this! I am sorry!"

Max caught her wrist and pushed her towards the wall and he tied her up. Yun was screaming for help and she had tried to hit him also but it's of no use! Finally, she was tied up to the wall with a rope.

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