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   Chapter 39 The Truth Of Mili

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7183

Updated: 2019-07-29 10:04

They reached her apartment and Zhen asked her about her decision.

" what do you think? Do you want to give me a chance?"

" hmmm I think I can give you one chance!"

" Are you sure?"

" yes, I am!"

" Because if you are going to be my girl I won't let any other boys near you! You will be all mine!"

" what? But what about my friends! "

"We will see about it! Its already getting late and I think you should get inside!"

"' Ok! Bye!"

Yun was about to walk towards her apartment but Zhen pulled her towards him and he kissed her forehead.

" take care! "

" hmmm, "

" kiss me!"

" what? No no !"

" give me a good bye kiss!"

" no Bye! I am leaving now!"

" ok! "

Yun was blushing heavily because of his taunts! Zhen watched her till she got inside her apartment with a smile on his lips! He was very happy to get a chance from her to know about her! He really wanted to know his feelings for her! Zhen drove back to the hospital and when he reached to check Mili in her room, he found out that she has already left the hospital and he was very angry at her for not telling him! Zhen began to leave the hospital at once but suddenly Alex called him.

" Hey man! Did you drop her? Is she fine?"

" yeah and Do you have any idea about my PA, because the receptionist just told me that she has already left!"

" Oh Zhen! Is she mad or crazy! I mean she was hospitalized due to the wound on her hand and she was throwing and breaking almost everything in the room, she was a abnormal and I think she needs a psychiatrist!"

" What? But why would she do that?"

" I think Gilly can give you the details! She was the one who heard her cries and curses! Gilly is a nurse and she was asked to take care of Mili, "

" oh!! Ok I will wait in the lobby!"

" ok!"

After waiting her for 5 minutes Alex arrived with Gilly and Zhen found a cut on Gilly's hand.

" Gilly, this is the man who had admitted Mili here! He was very curious to know about her since she is his PA. Tell him what exactly happened inside the room!"

" oh, you must be Zhen right and did you leave the hospital with a girl?"

" yes!

he truth of Mili.

" Sir she is the daughter of a mafia Done Gonzalez and he was shot dead by some of his rivals! She was saved by his well-wishers and she is still having a connection with them! She was the one behind the attack on Jessica! She did it to get her away from you since she was in madly love with you!"

" What the hell? I have never loved her !she is my PA and I have used to call her in the nights and weekends to take care of my ex but it doesn't indicate that I am in love with her!"

" Sir, she is in love with you and does you know she had ditched her boyfriend for you! She has also undergone an abortion for you! She had removed all the obstacles from her way to you and Jessica was the last one! She has tried to murder her twice with the help of her father's gang and somehow Jessica escaped from their trap and she had left to London due to the threat! You had hired me to investigate the murder attempts in Jessica and when I found it was Mili who has tried to murder Jessica! I had started to dig out her history. I was about to submit the report to you then I got the call from Sam, telling me my new assignments!"

" what the hell? How could she kill her own child for me? She is out of her mind and she is a real bitch! It was her plan to force herself on me so that Yun would doubt me! She is such a cunning bitch! I won't spare her and I will show her the consequences of messing up with me! "

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