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   Chapter 38 Will You Be My Girlfriend

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7959

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Yun told him her address and Zhen took her to her apartment.

" who is Ben ?"

" He is just a friend!"

" ok! Have you called the HR? And I hope you will join tomorrow itself right?"

" Yes, Sir!"

" Are you single?"

" what? I mean yes! And why do you need to know that?"

"No, I was curious to know it!"

" Oh!! I wanted to stay at the hospital  but my friend has already reached my apartment and she is waiting for me!"

" No issues!"

"hmmm! Why did they try to hurt you? They have managed to get inside the basement without breaking the security !"

" I don't know! I have no idea about them! They must have mistaken me with someone else!"

" hmmm! Did they hurt you?"

" No! "

" Have you mailed your resignation to Damien?"

" Yes, and I have rejected his calls too!"

" Hmm! One more thing! I don't like your friendship with Xi Li since he was my business opponent! "

" ok, I got it!"

He was really frustrated to hear her answers. She was desperately trying to ignore him and it infuriated him! Zhen pulled his car at the nearest restaurant. Yun never expected that he is going to take her to the restaurant before dropping her to the apartment.

" Why did you get down here? Daisy must be waiting for me!"

" Call your friend and ask her to come here! "But why did you want to see her? She is my friend and not your employee to order around! She has nothing to do with you, SIR!"

" Don't test my patience, Yun! Tell her to come here!"

Yun called Daisy and asked her to come to the restaurant but Daisy defied her request since she needs to attend an urgent matter in her office! Yun felt relieved and she told him the truth.

" ok! So come let's have something from here! I am starving and I hope you must be hungry too!"

" No, I am fine!"

" ok but you have to accompany me! Come let's go!"

Yun was helpless and she followed him. She was angry at his demanding attitude. She knew that he was cold towards everyone but he is super cool to Mili.

They got inside the restaurant and the staff already informed the manager about the VIP customer and they were directly treated by the manager. In order to impress him, they have arranged a special room to dine. It has a love shaped table arranged in the middle. They need to sit on the floor to eat and the staff has already provided them cushions so that they don't need

have them even though she found it weird!

Zhen moved forward and he caught her chin. He lifted her chin up and began to lick the cream from her lips! Yun was shocked and she was frozen to her spot! Then she pushed him away from her!

" What are you doing? Don't do that!"

" You gave me permission to have the cream! But still, I didn't have my dessert! Let me have it!"

Zhen pulled her towards him and began to kiss her lips. He licked and sucked her lips! It was too much for her. Zhen squeezed her boobs and a loud moan escaped from her mouth giving him enough access to enter his tongue inside her mouth. He had unbuttoned her shirt and he was about to remove her skirt too but he got a call from Mili and they just broke apart.

Yun buttoned her shirt and skirt and she has made herself presentable. Zhen rejected her calls and he pulled Yun towards him.

" what are you doing to me, Yun? I don't want to stop kissing you! You are like a drug to me and I am addicted to you! I can't figure out my feelings for you but I think I want to spend some time with you! So will you be my girlfriend?"

" What? I mean what about Mili and your ex?"

" I don't care any of them. Mili is like my sister! Will you be my girlfriend?"

" But I am not rich and I am a normal girl. I don't deserve you! "

" shshshsh!!! Listen! Let's start dating!"

" but!!"

He cut her off by kissing her one more time! It was a possessive and dominating kiss. He pulled her more towards him and hardened his kiss. She could realise the desire in him and she decided to give him a chance!

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