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   Chapter 37 You Can Sit Beside Me

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7796

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Zhen was damn sure that Yun misunderstood him even though he had no feelings for Mili. While on other side Mili was happy to get the seat near to Zhen. Mili knew that Zhen was not happy to sit with her and his anger was clearly visible from his face. She kept her hands on his and rubbed his hand to comfort him. Zhen knew that Mili was trying to soothe his pain and he smiled at her. Yun was watching their gestures and she was convinced that Zhen has a strong feeling for Mili. The thought of. Zhen becoming someone else brought tears in her eyes and she had averted her eyes from them to hide her tears.

Yun knew that it was her fate to lose everything she liked. She lost her parents when she was a child. She was forced to live with her uncle and aunt. Feng Zhao her cousin, used to take away everything she liked and Yun was forced to use the things which were already used by Feng.

Yun was the only daughter of her rich parents but she was forced to live the life of an orphan. She had adjusted every torture and insult only because of her granny and she had lost her granny too. She was in love with Xi Li from her school time and Feng took him also from her. After breaking up with Xi She had a crush on Zhen because of his care and gentleness towards her, but he was already taken by someone else. It was her fate indeed and she was damn sure that she is not lucky to get loved by anyone. Zhen had shown her care and concern only because of the night. He was a nice man and that was why he took the responsibility by himself for sleeping with her even though he was forced to fuck her.

Yun began to stare outside through the windows and she didn't know that they have already reached to the hospital. Zhen got out and he opened the door for Mili to get outside. When she heard the sound of opening the door she too got outside and walked towards them.

Zhen was only looking at Yun and he knew that she was hurt and he could clearly see the stains of tears on her cheeks and he knew that she was crying throughout the journey. He walked near to her and when he was about to touch her shoulder, Mili screamed loudly and fell on the ground. Zhen rushed to her and he tried to wake her up by calling her name but she didn't wake up. Zhen took her in bridal style in his arms and he almost ran to the hospital. Yun was hu

g to visit my apartment? Jenny will be there. She is three weeks pregnant and she is in bed rest now. Text me your number I will text you my address. Oops sorry, we must be boring you, Sir!

"Hey, it's ok! I think I can drop you, Yun!"

" its ok sir I will take a cab! And I am so happy for you guys!"

" Thanks, Yun but you should go with him. You won't get any taxis! It's better to go with your boss and don't forget to text me your number, .!"

" ok Alex bye!"

" bye cupcake!"

" hey don't call me that! And how many times do I have to tell you that? You pumpkin head!!"

" hey don't call me that Yun I am a doctor and give me some respect! "

" respect and you! What a weird combo Alex! Bye Alex!"

" bye and bye sir please drop her to her apartment and please keep your ears closed otherwise she will eat them by talking without a pause! She is too dangerous to handle!"

" That was news to me, Alex! She won't talk much to me! Anyway thanks!! please take care of Mili till I come and it was a pleasure to meet you!"

" me too and no issues buddy I will take care of her!! Try to visit my house with Yun! You are such a nice company to hang out!"

" ok man bye for now!"

Zhen and Yun left to her apartment. But before getting inside the driver's seat he told her

" you can very well sit near me! The seat is vacant and I will keep it vacant always for you only!"

You can always sit beside me!"

Yun was surprised to hear his comment and she didn't reply to him. She got inside the car and they drove to her place.

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