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   Chapter 36 The Psycho Mili

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7635

Updated: 2019-07-25 22:03

Zhen wanted to apologise Mili and he went to meet her in her cabin. Zhen found her cabin's door open and he saw her standing in the corner of the room with a bleeding hand. He was shocked to see the blood all over the cabin and he ran to her within seconds.

" what the hell have you done to yourself Mili? What happened? Have you lost your sense? Why did you hurt yourself over such a silly thing? Look at you! Oh my God, Mili I can't believe you!!!"

She didn't respond to any of his questions but he found her crying and weeping which melted his heart and he moved further close to her. He caught her other hand and asked her to follow him to his cabin. Mili obeyed him and she followed him silently to his cabin.

He brought her to his washroom with him and he washed her bleeding hand. Then he took her to his couch and made her sit on the couch without hurting her hand. He brought a chair for himself to sit before her along with his first aid kit from the drawer and began to wipe out the blood clots. Then he applied the antiseptic cream and tied the wound. Mili was staring at him nonchalantly.

" I think you need a stitch! How do you feel now? Do you want me to take you to the hospital?"

Mili was so happy to see his concern for her and she always wanted him to look after her ignoring all his busy schedule. She was staring at him as if her life depended on him. She was longing for his kiss and hug. But he had maintained enough distance among them and he was only looking at her eyes. But her full focus was on his lips and she began to move closer to him slowly but Zhen moved backward and got up suddenly.

" I knew that you are angry at me for misbehaving with you and I am sorry Mili! You knew that I have some anger management issues! Just forget it!"

Mili was happy to hear his confession and she got up from her couch and hugged him.

" I am sorry Sir and I really like you !"

Zhen never expected the sudden hug from her. At first he didn't want to hug her but he too gave her a brotherly hug!!it was a friendly hug for him and he patted her head carefully in order to soothe her mind. Mili was happy to see Zhen responding positively to her hug. She tightened her hug and lifted her head up with a hope to get kissed by him. But her hopes got r

of to show her his innocence.

" I thought you had left Mr Xi! Why didn't you leave?"

" well I found Yun with you and I thought of giving her a ride to home since she is my sister in law!"


Yun and Zhen replied him at the same time and they began to stare at each other for a while. But Yun had averted her eyes from him when she found Mili coming from the office searching for Zhen. She remembered their office romance and it somehow brought heaviness to her heart. Her eyes began to shed the tears and she purposefully turned her back to Zhen in order to hide her tears from him. She felt an excruciating pain inside her chest and she wanted to get relived from the pain. Yun collected her phone from Xi and bid bye to him but she was stopped again by him.

"Yun! Please don't leave alone! The space is not safe for you and I want you to stay safe! Please allow me to drop you at your home!"

" it's ok Xi I can manage it!"

" come with us Yun! Zhen is going to drop me at the hospital and you will get a free ride to your home!"

" no thanks Mili, I can manage it!"

" Don't be a stubborn Yun! Get inside! We don't have enough time to lecture you the threat around you!"

Yun remembered the way the men caught her and it frightened her. She engulfed the lump formed inside her throat and agreed to Zhen.

Zhen opened the car door near to his seat and it infuriated Mili. But Yun denied him and she asked Mili to take the seat near to Xi and she got inside the passenger seat behind Zhen!

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