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   Chapter 35 The Drama Queen Mili

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7704

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Mili knew that he is going to tell her something awful so she was already prepared to face the consequences of kissing him. She had already changed to her office attire before chasing Yun in the elevator and that was why Yun could not recognize her even after seeing her for tge second time on the same day in the elevator.

Mili knew that Zhen was serious about Yun because it was the first time he brought his girlfriend in the office and he had ignored the meeting with his investors which cost around in billions. He has been working day and night to bag the deal and yet he ignored it only to meet her and bring her to his office! Mili wanted to create issues in their life so that Zhen would leave Yun forever and she could be the one who got the chance to stay near him and comfort him. She desperately wanted to make him all his and she had ditched her long term boyfriend for Zhen. And according to her, she was the one who was worthy enough to love him because of the sacrifices she had made in her life.

She used to live with her boyfriend John in his apartment. But when she has started to have feelings for Zhen she began to avoid John and she had ditched him for a silly issue. She really wanted to dump him because she got pregnant with his baby who was 4 weeks old and she knew that once John came to know about his baby he won't let her abort it and the chances of marrying the man of her dream will be zero. So she secretly aborted the kid after dumping her faithful partner. John was hurt to know her decision to break up with him over a silly issue and he literally begged her to rethink her decision. But Mili was stubborn and defied his request. John came to know from one of his friends about the abortion of Mili and It infuriated him. He went to meet her for the last time and he ditched her from his life forever.

Mili was happy to know that John has finally left her even though he came to know about her secret abortion. She took one month leave from the company to fly all the way to London to undergo some plastic surgeries. She looked good after the surgeries even though we can easily find so many flaws in her. But she found herself confident and beautiful to finally become worthy enough to get loved by the man of her dream.

But her dream was broken when Jessica ca

ssion for it and always connect me to her whenever she called me over the phone even if it was in the middle of the meeting. She is your madam and try to respect her too. One more thingMili

She is going to join here soon and I want both you in my office!"

" hmmm, thank you sir!!that was a good news, Sir! I am really sorry about everything! Shall I leave now? Do you want me to ask Yun's forgiveness?"

" Hey it's ok and I want you to go back to your seat and finish the pending reports."

Mili left his office with hatred for Yun and she knew that she would get a chance to hurt Yun. She had decided something in her mind and she left the office bidding bye to him.

Mili was burning with anger and when she got inside her cabin she began to throw the things she found on her table.

Zhen was really ashamed to interrogate Mili as if she was a culprit even though she was obeying his orders without bothering about her pride and self respect. He felt disgusted to lash out at her without giving her any chance to explain herself. She had accepted the blame on her and she asked him to fire her for not obeying him. All these years she had been working hard for him without any complaints. He had never cared to think about her personal life and her happiness. She was ready to work for him on the weekends and on late nights. She was the one who had helped him to get away from Jessica and his nagging ex-girlfriends. He was indebted to her for a lifetime and yet she had put the blame on herself for obeying his orders.

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