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   Chapter 34 It Was A Mistake

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 6770

Updated: 2019-07-24 23:59

You just left his office cabin without giving him further explanation.

" Where are you going? Stop there! I have not yet finished talking to you!"

Yun heard Zhen yelling at her but she didn't mind to respond to him and she left the office by shutting the door right in his face. Yun knew that Zhen is not going to spare her but she never expected that he is going to chase her within minutes. She has managed to run some distance from his office and she was about to take the turn to the exit door but she was forcefully pulled back to a strong wall and her head got bumped on the wall. She rubbed her head and began to look at the wall but to her surprise, it was not the wall she had bumped on it was him the ruthless and angry CEO himself. He was staring at her furiously and she knew that she could not escape from there without his permission. She has tried to push him aside but he had tightened the grip on her hands and he caged her waist using his arms

" what are you doing Sir? Let me go! I have to meet my friend and she must be waiting for me! Please spare me!"

" How many times do I have to tell you that don't turn your back to me when I have not done talking to you and this is your last warning!!"!

" hmmm! Ok fine! I will stay here till you talk but for god's sake take your hands off me! You are hurting me!"

Zhen released her at once and asked her in a powerful voice.

" Why did you think that night was an utter mistake of yours? "

" because I got fucked by a playboy!"

Yun was breathing heavily and she could hear her heartbeat clearly at that instant. She was really mad at him for kissing her and confessing that the kiss was nothing but a pure mistake of him!

He was hurt to hear her calling him a playboy and he was very mad at her. So he grabbed her hand and dragged her to his office. once he got inside his office he pushed her towards the couch and she fell on the couch without getting hurt.

" ouch!!! Why are you hurting me? You want to to talk to me right? Then let'


" No I am perfectly fine and please don't bother your boyfriend for such silly issues! Try to be happy with him and all the very best for your marriage!"

Yun emphasised the word boyfriend to make her realise that she was not at all interested in her boss.she exited the office after bidding bye to Mili. Mili was very happy to disguise as the girlfriend of Zhen before Yun. She went back to her cabin with a signature smirk on her lips! She knew that Zhen could call her at any time to know about the reason to kiss him?" and she had already made a good excuse to get her out of that problem."

" Zhen you are mine! And I won't allow any other girl to touch you! Because you belong to me! Today I had kissed you and I will force you to marry me at any cost! You are mine!"

Mili thought to herself while she was on her way to her cabin!

When she was about to sit on her chair, her intercom began to ring and she found the number of Zhen in the caller ID. She took the call and she heard Zhen yelling at her.

" MILI! I want you in my office now itself! It's urgent and don't wear your filthy unprofessional clothes before me!"

Mili was shocked to hear the hatred in his voice towards her! She thought that Zhen had enjoyed the way she had kissed him but she was wrong!! Her action has infuriated him and he has gone mad at her!

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