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   Chapter 33 It Was Damien!!!!

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7113

Updated: 2019-07-24 10:00

Chapter 33

It was Xi Li who had opened the door and Yun felt ashamed to kiss Zhen before him.

" Yun! I want you to wait for me in my room! Let me finish my business with him!"

Yun obeyed Zhen and she walked to his room and Zhen found Xi Li looking at her without blinking his eyes which had infuriated him.

" Mr Xi! Why are you here?"

Zhen went to take his seat and motioned Xi to sit before him asking him his reason for the visit.

Xi Li wanted to punch him till his knuckles bleed but he knew that attacking someone powerful like him, will bring him nothing but troubles. So he composed himself and he answered him.

" Sir my PA told me that you have decided to back out from the recent project of us! I really don't know what made you take such a harsh decision! You knew that the deal will bring fortunes to both of us and yet you had decided to drop the project!"

" Yes and if you have so much passion to go on that project! You can do it by yourselves since you have got a demanding sister and I hope your sister Juna Li had already asked your help to get rid of the girl to whom I had spent that evening! Am I right Xi?"

" Sir! Yun was the girl who had spent the evening with you?"

"  what? Why do you guys are so much interested in my personal life?"

" No sir, I want to apologise to her for the misbehaviour of Juna with her on behalf my sister so I wanted to confirm that whether she was the one who had accompanied you to the Queen's restaurant!"

" sounds convincing but don't mind she didn't want to hear your apologies Xi! Let's talk about the deal! I have already informed you that I am going to invest in your project only when you will transfer the ownership of the shares to my name! And I won't change my decision Xi! So there was no point in spending time here and pleading to me to rethink my decision!"

" But Sir!"

" I have made myself clear and you can leave now!"

" ok, let me think about transferring the ownership of the shares in your name!"

" ok Xi!"

Yun was walking through the room restlessly, she was shocked to see Xi there! She has no interest in him b

re stressing yourself too much! Just forget about him and your job. I want you to join here from tomorrow itself. Please try to stay away from Damien and send a resignation letter to him."

" it's ok I will find some other jobs! You don't have to worry about me! You have already done so much for me Sir! Can you please arrange a taxi? I think I should leave!"

" listen, Yun, you are hired to work for me and I am asking you to join here, you are qualified to do the job and if I find you unfit here I will definitely fire you and don't think too much! I owe you too much Yun! You have no idea about it!"

" oh! I got you! That night was a mistake and I don't want you to take responsibility for that and please stop your favours for fucking me! I really don't want them! I want to earn things by my hard work and sincerity !"

" what the fuck?? Why are you telling me about the stupid night!! Ok if the night was a mistake the kiss was also a mistake! And I want you to join here from tomorrow itself and its an order Yun. Since you have signed the contract with me you should have listened to me. Otherwise, you should be ready to bear the consequences!! One more thing, talk to the HR team about your salary and your job profile before leaving the office!"

"Ok, bye sir!"

" Do you want a lift!"

" no thanks I can manage it and I don't need any favour from you! I am your employee and your my boss!"

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