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   Chapter 32 The Beautiful Kiss

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 6803

Updated: 2019-07-23 17:34

" Hmm! I want to meet them personal! Don't forget to update me the details of Damien!"

" Damien? He was the one behind the trap!! I can't believe it, Sir!"

" I am not sure about it but his gestures and his demands were implying that he must be the culprit! Let's see what is he up to?"

" I don't know sir but I thought it was Juna Li since she was angry at Yun for spending the evening with you at the Queen's restaurant. "

" I don't know Sam! It's like everyone is against her for staying with me! And I really don't want her to stay away from me! I have never felt this feeling for anyone! I just wanted her to be with me, but still, I am not sure about my feelings!!"

" But sir no one can trouble you or your loved ones! We are here to protect you till our death and I hope this Damien guy has no business with Yun! If you figured out your true feelings for her, please confess them to her. So that no one can separate you from her!"

" hmmm! Sounds good Sam! did she come back from her trip?"

" No, sir! She is still enjoying and partying with her friends in London and Stephen has gone to fix some issues in the plant which was in Gana. He will come back after 2 weeks! "

" try to engage her there! I really don't want to see her near me and I just hate to fulfil her demands because of the stupid favour to her Dad! I am fed up with her and I really need a break from all this!"

" I know sir! We will try our best to keep her out of your reach! Well, can I take my leave?"

" hmmm !"

Inside his room, Yun was very touched by his care for her. He stood up for her and supported her when the lady at the Queen's restaurant lashed out at her. He was ready to return the diamond ring to her and he was the only one who helped her when there was no one to help her! He brought her to his office, valued her more than his car, applied the medicine on her wounds and offered her new dress to change!

" why would he care for me so much? I knew that I was wrong to spend the night with him but I don't know w

tly to hide her embarrassment. Zhen couldn't hold his burning urge to kiss her. He moved further to her, reducing the distance between them and her chest was pressed to his hard chest. She was frozen to her spot since his hands were moving around her back. His full focus was on her lips and he lowered his head and lightly pecked her lips. When his lips touched her's an electric wave passed through her whole body. Zhen began to harden his kiss and Yun lifted her hands up to press his head. When he found her hands caressing his hair., It encouraged him and he squeezed her bum, making her moan loudly. Zhen used the chance to get inside her mouth and he began to explore each and every corner of her mouth to give her the ultimate pleasure. Yun held him tightly close to her as if she didn't want him to break their kiss.

Unfortunately, they were separated from each other because of the presence of a person who opened the door to Zhen's office. They were amused to see the person standing before them. When she saw him staring at her ruthlessly, She wanted to leave his office at once but Zhen caught her hand and he held her near to him. She was really embarrassed to kiss him before the person. She wanted to run from there and hide somewhere but Zhen didn't let her move and she stayed there looking the ground in order to avoid the eye contact!

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