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   Chapter 31 Saved By Zhen

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Mili was blocked by one of the investors when she was about to knock Zhen's office and she took him to her cabin for convincing him the actual reason behind Zhen's decision to dismiss the meeting. She wanted to see the girl for whom he had ignored everything and he even scolded her for the first time. Even though she was explaining to the foreigner her mind was filled with various thoughts.

Zhen made Yun sit on the couch and he brought the first aid kit from his personal room which was attached to his office, he wiped the dirt from her head and face.

" it's ok Sir! I can do it myself! You have already done too much for me!"

" I think you should keep quiet and let me do my work!"

He began to apply the antiseptic liquid in the bruise and Yun held his hands tightly due to the burning sensation and he rubbed her back gently to comfort her. When he found she was ok he applied the bandage on her head. Yun was staring at him especially his eyes. His dark brown eyes were brightening like the sun and his soft lips were truly kissable. He had got a perfect Jawline with a pointed nose and sharp ears. He was a gorgeous man with a hot and sexy body. She could remember the warmness of his heart and his smell on that night which made her go wild for him. The thought of him making love with her made her blush heavily and Zhen found her watching him closely and it brought a smirk on his face. He was happy to see her pink cheeks and he knew that his single touch was mere enough for her to blush.

"'How do you feel now?"

Yun came to her senses when she heard his powerful manly voice.

" I'm fine! thank you! Is this your office?"

" yeah!"

" It's beautiful and thanks to you for helping me! Can you ask your man about the condition of my driver? I am really worried about him!"

" of course! Take Some rest at first! Let me call him !"

Zhen called Mathews and he told Zhen that the driver is out of danger now. Yun was happy to hear the news and she thanked Zhen one more time.

" Yun! Have you seen them before?"

" No sir it's the first time I am seeing them and they knew that I was going with this file and they followed me! It's so


After finishing the call he walked towards her and asked her

" why did Damien call you?"

" well since the file was given by the investors and they knew that I was the one who was responsible for its loss. They were about to ruin me and he begged them for me. The whole investors except Samuel forgave me and the others wants me to marry Damien so that Samuel won't be able to misbehave with me..."

" what?? How could you marry him? It is your life and it's your decision to chose your partner no matter what you told to do! I don't think that marrying him can set you free!"

Zhen became so angry that he clenched his hands into a fist and gritted his teeth to control his anger. He could not think about Yun becoming someone's else wife! His blood began to boil and he wanted to punch this Damien guy till his death.

Zhen came out of his thought when he heard the knock on his door and he opened it. It was Sam who was standing before Zhen with a cover. Zhen took the cover from him and gave it to Yun.

" Go get freshen up and change your dress! Use my room!"

Sam's mouth dropped to hear Zhen's words because Zhen never ever shared his official room with any other girl and this girl is something different. Sam stared Zhen like a ghost and both of them seated on the couch to discuss the issue.

" Have you found them? Did you call the police?"

" I have traced their location and I have already sent our men there! "

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