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   Chapter 30 Damien’s Trap

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7102

Updated: 2019-07-21 15:49

Yun got inside the office car and she told the driver her destination. He drove off the car and Yun found it unbelievable because she knew that there were so many people in his office who can also be assigned for this job. She is new to his office and how could he believe her so blindly? Or was he trying to test my loyalty towards his company? I could not understand him. Ho God I don't want to meet Mr Zhen Wang and to give this file to Him and I can't give the file to others. Why did I take this task? Ho God please help me. Yun thought to herself.

The Wang group of companies was located in a remote place in the outskirts of the city since it was constructed to blend with nature.

They were reached to a remote area which was only a few kilometres from the company. But suddenly their car was broke down and the driver got out of the car to check the problem. Yun knew that something was fishy so she stayed in the car. She saw a car which directly crossed their car and stood before her car blocking their way. Two men came outside the car and they began to approach her. The driver tried to block them but one of the men beat him and took him away from them. Yun was helpless and she was trembling with fear. She was frozen to her place and she could not lift her hands to lock the car. The other man came near to her and opened the door forcefully. He took her out grabbing her wrist tightly and took the file from her leaving her aside. Yun fell on the road knocking her head. She tried to block him from snatching the file but she was failed to get it from them and they left immediately with the file to their car.

Yun cried for help but no one helped her and the men drove off swiftly. She was frightened to the core and she searched the driver and she found him on the riad side heavily beaten and unconscious. Since it was in the outskirts of the city only a limited number of vehicles passed through them. She took her phone from her bag and called her boss.

" sir? Can you hear me?"

" yes, Yun!!!have you given the file to Zhen? What did he say?"

" no sir I lost it!!!"

" what the hell? I ha

ome on Yun! My car is only material and it's value depreciates accordingly. But you are a human and I value you more than my limo! Now get inside! It's not safe here to wait for robbers!"

Yun got inside the car hearing his warning and they drove off to his office.

On their way, Zhen used to peek at her and he found her hands trembling and her whole body was shivering. He saw a bruise on her head and wrist and he tightened his grip on the steering due to his anger. Yun found him gritting his teeth and tightening his grip on the steering and she was frightened to see his eyes which were filled with pure hatred and anger.

" Are you ok sir? What happened to you?"

" I am fine but I should be the one to ask you the same? You were physically hurt and your whole body is not yet relieved from the trauma! What exactly happened there?"

Yun explained him everything and he called his man Agasty to check the details of the car which was used by the thieves. He got the car number from Mathew, his spy.

They reached his office and Zhen brought her directly to his cabin via his personal elevator. Mili saw Zhen going to his cabin with a girl and she was angry at him for leaving the billion-dollar deal for taking the girl to his office. He can send his staff to take her but he found it more important than anything. Mili knew that something was fishy and she took some files with her to check him.

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