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   Chapter 29 Xi Li Is In Trouble!!!

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7233

Updated: 2019-07-21 11:27

Juna Li was waiting for her brother in his mansion. Xi has gone shopping with his wife Feng. Juna Li was waiting for them desperately but she got the call from her friend Rynea.

" what have you done Juna?"

" I lost my job because of you! How will I survive without the job? You had destroyed my career."

" what? What happened?"

" Zhang Wang has fired me and blacklisted me. I won't be able to get any other jobs in China! What will I do? I was helping you and I lost my job because of you Juna!"

" hmmm don't worry I will give you the payment and a job!"

" Are you sure?"

" yes now meet me at Fluana park tomorrow at 8 and I will settle everything. Don't worry I will make sure that you will get the job before the end of this month. Is that ok??"

" Yeah, thank you so much, Juna!"

" if you have nothing more to discuss!! get lost!."

Juna hung up the call on her and she was about to leave her brother's home but she found a car coming to the house.

Xi Li and Feng Zhao came back after the shopping and Juna Li has just lashed out at her brother for keeping her wait even after she informed him that she has been waiting for them. Feng didn't like her sister in law's behaviour but she knew that Juna Li was a short-tempered girl and she never wanted to make her sister in law as her enemy. So she bowed before Juna and began to act like simple and an innocent girl. But Juna was not even bothered to spare a glance at her.

" you?? what was your name? Nevermind! Go to your room I need some time with my brother alone!."

Juna li told Feng to clear out and Xi Li motioned her to go to her room. Feng was furious at Juna for not allowing her to stay with her husband. Yet she obeyed them but she has planned something against her sister in law. Feng decided to stay there to eavesdrop them behind the wall since she too wanted to know the secret of Juna Li.

" Xi, I want you to help me! Zhen Wang is back and I have seen him today at Queen's restaurant. He was protecting a girl who has bumped on me and fought against me. I didn't know that he was with that girl she was not his usual type of girl, I mean she is poor and simple.

rly in the morning and she was very excited to go to her office. She took the cab and reached her office before the reporting time. She began to do her works carefully and then she got the from Damien and she got inside his cabin.

"good morning sir!"

" good morning Yun!. I called you to do some favour for me! "

" favour??? What is it, sir?"

" I want you to give the file to Wang group of companies since its a very confidential file I can not ask any other staff to give them to Zhen. I hope you can help me! It's actually the file of investors and they were very cautious about each and every single line in them and they want me to deliver it personally to the Wang group if companies but as you can see I have a meeting with some investors. Please help me, Yun!."

" But sir what if I lost them? I mean I am not sure about keeping them with me!."

" oh come on Yun you can do it! Take this file and driver it to the wang group at the earliest!."

" ok, sir!"

Yun took the. From Damien and she left her office. When Damien saw her got inside the office car he called someone.

" she got inside the car and I will text you the car number. Don't hurt her but I want you to get the file from her. Do you know what I mean right?"

Damien hung up the call and he began to smirk

" you are going to be mine, Yun! I won't let any other man touch you! Once they snatched the file you have no other go than marrying me! "

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