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   Chapter 28 The Deal Got Cancelled

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 6674

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Zhen wang was curiously watching Yun leaving him. He smiled at her disappearing figure. Once she left the restaurant his coldness came back so quickly that he asked his manager to meet him in his office at once... The manager feared his coldness towards him and he followed Zhen to his office with wobbling legs.

" Why did you force her to apologise before Juna Li?"

" Sir she was one of the VIP customers and if I had wronged her she will spread the rumours about the restaurant and people won't dare to dine here, so, unfortunately, I had agreed with her and asked the madam to forgive her."

" why did Juna come here? I haven't seen her reserved any table in this restaurant! She had deliberately wanted to get in the garden space?"

" yes, Sir that was true!! she asked me to replace someone from garden space to the restaurant so that she will get a spot there. And she used the fight against the girl to manipulate us for misbehaving with her. so that we will arrange the seat in the garden space as compensation for upsetting her. But I couldn't figure out why did the lady insist to get the seat in there? She came here all alone and she wanted to get the seat today itself. It really amused me and I have offered her the space for two hours from 9 to 11 but still, she never listened to me ."

" hmmm, Get me the details of the call log of our staffs! Make it fast!."

" ok, sir!."

The manager went to get the data and Zhen knew that something is not just right about Juna Li since she has been trying hard to get his attention for the past 8 years. His brother Xi Li was a good man but Zhen came to know about that Xi Li had ditched Yun Zhao for her sister Feng Zhao and his whole family was supporting him to dump her. Juna Li was a vicious woman and she could go to any extend to torture the people whom she hated the most and Zhen was damn sure that Juna Li won't let Yun live a peaceful life. She must be knitting the perfect trap to entrap Yun. He wanted to save Yun fro

collaboration with Xi Li's company? I mean it has a lot of potentials and if we are going to back out from it they can sue us and they will play the role of the victim before media and it will affect our sales turnover!"

" Hmmm! Mili who told you that we are going to back out the deal!."

" hmmm!! sir actually Xi Li called me to ask me the real reason behind your back out and I was confused because you didn't tell me about the latest modification of that deal!."

" hmmm! Was it necessary to inform my PA about each and everything that happens around me?"

" Sorry, sir! I just wanted to confirm that it was not a rumour!"

" well, I think you got the answer! Goodnight Mili!."

" Goodnight sir!."

Mili couldn't believe her boss. Did he actually tell her to keep her nose out of his business? How could he? She has been doing everything to make him happy and all these years he was just pretending to like her. He has decided to back out from the deal and he didn't show the courtesy to tell her the same since she was the one who bagged the deal for him. She was really disappointed in him and she felt heartbroken. She wanted to know him the pain of ignorance and she decided to ignore him in the following days to see if he is effected by her negligence. Mili went to sleep with a determination of avoiding him,

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