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   Chapter 27 The Diamond Ring

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 6445

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" Listen I asked you to come here and it's my treat! So you should not bother about the bill!."

" I knew that you are too damn rich but I should not exploit the situation so please order a black coffee for me!."

" Sorry madam I will order accordingly and it's your wish to eat them or throw them!."

Zhen called the waiter and placed his order, he ordered the costly dishes for her.

" can you please tell me? What did you want to discuss with me?"

" Take this ring! I don't need it and I have saved it to for you!"

" hmmm! But I don't need this!"

" You should accept this otherwise I will throw it in the sea! Do you wanna see that?"

" no no I will take it!."

The waiter came with their order and Yun started to have less food in the beginning but the food was so tasty that she had almost three forth of it unknowingly and Zhen was admiring her uniqueness. He had never seen a gorgeous food monster like Yun and she was eating like a hungry wolf, she was not at all bothered to think about Zhen who was staring at her without blinking his eyes. Finally, when they had finished their food Yun wiped her mouth and rubbed her tummy happily.

The waiter brought them the desserts and when she saw the chocolate cake and caramel delight her mouth started watering.

Yun began to have them and a loud moan escaped from her mouth. Zhen was watching her every single move and he was amazed to know that her single moan had made his member hardened for her and the thought of him taking her on the table has brought a smile on his face.

Yun had the desserts too and Zhen was really shocked to see her appetite. Yun found Zhen staring at her nonchalantly she asked him to have his portion of dessert since she had not touched them.

" Thank you for the treat. The food was finger-licking good and I am so full."

" I can see that!! You are different I mean you didn't bother about anything once you began


" nothing sweetheart he wanted to say you that I, Zhen Wang is the owner of this restaurant!"

" WHAT??????"

"Yes, madam Sir is the owner of the restaurant!"

" now its make sense. I was wondering why did you give me a treat in such a posh restaurant. But now I am convinced. Ok then, I think I should leave now. Bye Sir!."

" Bye! Shall I drop you!."

"No, it's fine. I will go myself!"

Yun left the place immediately and she took a cab to her home. She was cursing him inside her mind. She doesn't want to eat from there but he forced her. She had given him her ring to share the bill and that ring costs millions. She really wanted to save her granny from Cheng Zhao and she was thinking to take the credit from the bank to give him for releasing her.

But she couldn't believe him. He invited her to give her the ring and she has returned the same to him. She reached her home and she got a call from an unknown number so she ignored it. Bit the person kept on calling her and finally, she answered him.

" Who is this?"

" Have you reached your home safely?."

" yeah, but I didn't get you I mean who are you?"

" Zhen wang!."

" Sir, but how did you get my number?"

" I have my own ways! Save this number and call me if you are in trouble!"

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