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   Chapter 26 The arrogant Lady

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7874

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Juna Li was shocked to see the man before her and she just withdrew her hand from his.

She could clearly see the anger in his eyes and she moved back to keep enough distance between them. She bowed before him and talked to him very politely.

" I am sorry Mr Wang, but the lady over there insulted my entire family before everyone!. It was really heartbreaking and I asked her to forgive me but she denied it by calling me a slut!. I could not tolerate the pain and embarrassment she has just given to me so I was trying to show her the real place where should she belong!."

" How dare you? How dare you raise your hand against her?."

Zhen's voice was like a thunderstorm and it echoed in the restaurant pulling everyone's attention towards them, Juna Li jumped off from her place hearing his tremendous voice and the staffs began to hide from him.

Yun was starring at Zhen and she could not believe her eyes. She found Zhen grabbing the lady's hand away from her and she felt relieved since he had saved her from the embarrassment. she came back to her senses when she heard him spat out the lady furiously.

" Can't you hear me??"

" But she called me bitch and everyone saw her calling me slut and cunt. I don't know why did she use such an abusive language? I was only apologising her for accidentally bumping on her and yet she manipulated me as the villain. I am the one who was hurt because of her and you are supporting her even after realising the truth!. How could you? You were so close to our family and still, you are with her!."

Yun couldn't believe the lady, she was a cunning bitch. She is acting like a victim before Zhen and brainwashing him to go against her!! How could a wealthy and educated person like her behave so lowly? She is really disgusting and annoying. Yun wanted to teach her a lesson but she knew that people like them won't learn from their mistakes and it's better for her to leave rather than staying stupidly. Yun tried to walk out but Zhen grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him.

" Leave me!. take your hands off!."

" Not now!."

Juna Li knew that Yun was angry and Zhen was not happy to see Yun leaving him in the middle of their conversation. she wanted Zhen to punish her so badly that she began to add fuel in the fire.

" Have you seen it? Did you see her audacity to spit out at u

e beautiful scenery before her. There was only one door to get in the garden. The whole space was filled with different colours of roses and jasmine. There was a small canopy in the middle of the garden and it's top was filled with a special pink and white colour flowers. He pulled out the chair for her and asked her to sit. Yun seated on the chair and she was mesmerized in the beauty of the nature around her. Zhen could see the happiness and amusement in her eyes and he was only staring at her. Yun saw a fountain and an artificial lake in the garden and it was just an excellent blend of beauty and calmness. She liked the place very much and she has just forgotten the person before her since she was utterly lost in the view.

" Did you like it?"

" Hmm, yes it's so amazing! How much it cost around to dine here?"

" Don't worry it's on me!."

" hmmm! It's such a nice place and everyone wanted to dine here at any cost including the lady!."

Zhen sensed the disappointment in her voice and he consoled her.

" she is an aggressive one and her parents had pampered her too much! Don't worry she won't insult you anymore!."

" hmmm, thank you for saving me!."

" it's ok what would you like to have?"

" I don't need anything! What did you want to discuss with me?"

" but I want you to have something before starting the discussion!"

" a black coffee will be fine!."

" Are you kidding me? Ok, I will place the order for you!"

" No sir the place is costly and I don't want you to spend too much on me! Please, it's so embarrassing!."

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